Rebound page 116

July 4, 2011

Oh hey, it’s that guy! Now with considerably fewer burn wounds.


Is this Steve’s (the guy who went running after seeing the Cherubs) brother? Because they look a lot alike, just blonde.
Looking forward to the next update!

Hmm… Hard to tell them apart and one of them is called Steve? And Steve is supposedly still alive? OMG! Then the other must be called Scott! There is no other way!

(“Lost” reference for you. :D )

Oh and there’s the sin…the great ursus disintegrating into nothingness. Hopefully this kid gets treated better in the afterlife than he did in real life.

I suppose the dead vampire kid showing up planet-side and going “Oh, hi Nicole!” would have a high freak-out factor. :-)

And with wings too!

Though I wouldn’t put it past them not to try it later in the story to recycle the character somehow, like in the demise of Rex.

Oh the irony….

…wait, that angel guy has two sets of hands. Ha! All of these different creatures as angels is definitely an interesting idea. I’m kind of curious as to how and why so many of them become some form of anthropomorphic creature. Even Balthazar was human in the introduction/prologue and in the rest of the comic he’s a dragon.
As to the page, I’m not surprised the vampire kid showed up heaven-side. It didn’t seem like he was a part of the cult vampires when they used him as a sacrifice.

Oh you mean that angel with the fire sword in the creation story? That’s not Balthazar, that’s just another dude with a fire sword. Everyone has always been whatever creatures they are now, even when they were alive.

Wouldnt half breeds feeding off another half breeds or “soul vampire” soul, be kinda unethical? In most cases wouldnt they like kidnap a regular person n use them as a sacrifice? Thats like watching a vampire movie where one vam kills the other for its blood, no they find regular ppl.

Oh boy, the general deal with soul vampires is that they’re unethical :P

Anyway, the soul vampires do not make up their whole species (“Vampires”, actually they’re called Haruls, but angels are racist and just call all of them vampires, so there). They are a cult and they do not give two shits about other haruls who don’t want to join them. This boy is no better than an elf to them.

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