Rebound page 145

May 15, 2012

Alriight, new page. Looks like Lana found a healthier way to pass the time than to beat up innocent colleagues and get stabbed.

To any of you who wanted to get one of our Rebound messenger bag, you better order them soon, because the company who makes them for us is running out of stock. You can order one from our store.
They’re 35$ a piece and we ship to anywhere for 5$.

Ohh, also, Maia and I were talking about opening a B.I.B.L.E. forum and maybe start up some B.I.B.L.E.-verse RPG’ing there – Before we just throw ourselves into making that, would anyone be intersted? Both in the RPG’ing and a general forum?

A few details on the RPG idea per request:
– I would prefer to host this on a private forum, but I am a little unsure whether we can set one up due to our webhost, so I’ll have to clear that up.
– Now we haven’t discussed any details yet, but the idea was for me and Maia to arrange one or more scenarios to get this thing started. We would probably also play ourselves. All you would have to do to join is to make a character and play along, really.
The character would have to abide to a set of rules and regulations. I think we’ll limit what kind of characters you can make so it’s not just endless, overwhelming possibilities.


Woo! An update :D

As for the RPG, I think you would first need to set up some general rules on how it’d work. WOuld one need to choose a major sin/virtue etc

Yes of course, that is the plan :) We’ll probably make a rule set of some sort, but we’re just trying to figure out if there’s an interest before running off to work on a bunch of stuff.

DAMMIT YOU! I will beat you next time, just wait for it XD

Hey, don’t complain, it’s usually you who takes the words right out of my mouth :V

We will be making rules on it as well as making a character creation guide, and some introduction stories that people can engage in.
It’s all just a lot of work to do if no one wants to join in X)

I’d love to join an rp forum! I’d prolly just rp that silly Alphyn fellow I made for the contest. :U

I would be interested in a rp! I would of course need to know what types of species and stuff there are that are allowed so I could design a character.

Of course! We would probably somewhat limit the kinds of character you can make. Otherwise the possibilities might become a bit overwhelming.

Yay. Another page! :)

“You’ve worked us like animals all day!”

I c wut u did thar

As for RP, it might be fun. It’s very likely I will join it. ;)

A question, did Lana’s wings turn black because she’s a fallen angel? But not completely fallen (since she would then loose her wings and presumably grow horns or something a la Rex)?

I’d definitely be up for a role play! It’s been far too long. If you need someone to help with bit characters or villains I’m always up for that. Anything to help move plot along :)

RP sounds great! Wayward Sons did that some time back, but unfortunately they had to shut it down again (Me ‘n some friends are still rp’ing on that part though :P ). Fell free to send an email or a reply here if you need someone to be the “Game Master” :P

Huh… Interesting lyrics for a band of Angels.

As for the RP? I’d probably be up for it. I love RPing, even if my schedule as of late has made it difficult. Seriously though? In this ‘verse? I’d make time for that. :)

Read through the whole thing I I can’t find enough words to praise on on such an Awesome comic. Decided to feature you on my website today. Hope it helps expanding your readership a little. :)

Dude, thanks for the running commentary on your archive binge, it was fun to read! :D
And then you go and feature us, jeez! Thanks for being a super nice guy :) I have to check out your comic too.

Hey there!

So except for Lana everyone else there died, went to Hell, and are “Devils” now? (According to the Wiki) This being the case they then escaped their personal Hells and made it to the current plane of existence where they could join a rock band, right? :-p I’m just seeing if I have the rules of your world figured out a bit.

No they’re not devils either. You have a third guess :P
Also, random note: All devils (of the went-to-hell-and-made-it-out variety) have black eyes with yellow scleras. They’re easy to recognize because of that.

I definitely would be interested in an RP. Not only would it be fun, it would offer a kinda insider’s look into the B.I.B.L.E. world. We would be able to have a better look at all the creatures and environments of the comic. :3

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