Rebound, volume 1 cover

June 1, 2009

Finally the real story begins. Uh, and what is this? Some horned guy and a giant teddy bear – who are these people?
Well, if you look around the site you can spoil yourself, so it’s really not that much of a mystery :) Don’t worry, it’s obviously the kind of spoilers we don’t care if you know or not.

By the way I have a little announcement: I have been running around telling everyone we’d have a single update a week, but we’ll raise that to two updates, Mondays and Fridays. I will most likely have to set it down to Mondays only in September when I have to go back to school, but so what? The comic will get a good start and I will get some routine in pumping out comic pages on a weekly basis while I have the time to mess up and make mistakes. It’s all good.

From this week on I’ll also start posting incentive images on Top Webcomics. There’ll be a new picture along with the Monday updates, so if you like what you see so far vote to see some extras.
If you’re not familiar with Top Webcomics the site accepts a vote a day from each IP address, so please vote as often as you can and help get this comic well underway :)
This week’s incentive is a speed painty sort of thing of the very teddy bear above barfing lava like he does best.

Check back on friday for the first actual page. See you then!


For some… strange, strange reason that bear reminds me of an evil Tom Nook. Sorry, that should be eviler shouldn’t it? Also: It has moobs! Unless it’s female, in which case I’m not really sure whether it’s justified or not, I should really brush up on my bear anatomy stuff huh? Or is it’s Rock Hard pecs? I hearby name your bear Blast Ironpecs, in honor of his noble heritage.

Also, we have our first pirate of the story! Woohoo! =D And his belt looks vaguely peeved, whilst his shoulders are extremely happy! I think that probably balances out as peppy, which is a good emotion to have when going into a fight with a giant bear. Well as good as anything, other than angst. *shudders*

Also, before anyone else says it: CARE BEAR STAAAAAAAAAAAAAARE! XD

XD The Tom Nook thing made me laugh, even though I don’t think so myself. But for sure we all know that Nook is a nasty lil’ racoon. I think the oh so mighty teddy bear looks like a giant carnival balloon thingy.

FINALLY! I have been searching for this webcomic for months. I read a bit about six months ago and then promptly forgot the title (even though it’s so easy to remember) I couldn’t find it anywhere, and then I spotted it on an ad. This has made my day.

This guy’s hilt of his sword and his shoulderguard-things are ganging up on his belt. The belt is displeased :P
Wrath is gorgeous. I’m torn between squeeing like a fangirl and running in terror.

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