Rebound page 1

June 5, 2009

First actual page ahoy! Not a very informative page at all, but we’re just establishing the setting here.
It was really fun to colour though. I love forest scenes!

See you Monday, and don’t forget to vote ;)


Horses! Umm…. yeah, looks like Grand National track has gone downhill in the…past? Future? In between times? I shall also call your horses Gandi (the white one) and Hitler (the left), to those of you who have seen Part Troll, a comedy show by Bill Bailey, it’ll make sense. Huzzah for the commentors obscure references!

And yay prettiful colours! Oooh, gonna have to cut this short, I smell foods on the table! *flees*

Siiigh, on a slightly tangentical note, I think my comments have already jumped the shark, so to speak. Alas!

But I already named the Horses Rainbow Dancer and Baby Tiddly Winks D:
Yes… Yes I name ALL the figures in this comic while I colour them.. well because its some way to have fun while doing the boring flat colours.

They are my little ponies :3

Yes… Yes she does XD Always hilarious to get a flatcoloured page back with retarded names all over the layers.
If I had a horse I would totally call it Hitler though :3

Lords. Is it just me, or do the horses have… A thumb? xD;

I also can’t tell if that’s supposed to be hair or fur, or if that’s a vestigial digit.

Awesome job on the top panel, with the sunlight streaming through the trees contrasting the shade of the foliage.

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