Rebound page 10

July 6, 2009

Page ten! Lousiest excuse for a landmark ever, but still a landmark XD

Talking of pages; I finished writing/cleaning up/editing the script for the first volume of Rebound this weekend. I don’t think it’ll stay under the 100 pages that I had first estimated, more like 150 or something. There’s a long way to go, after all this is only the first volume out of three. Epic story is epic :)

Getting the script done is a huge weight taken off my shoulders. Now we just got to do something about the missing colours on our buffer. Maia is off again for the next three days, though, and not having too much fun with it either, so send her some happy thoughts :)

The new voting incentive this Monday is a bunch of gryphon doodles.


Skilled healers you say? Bah, I bet they just throw medkits at people. Or just give them a sack of dollars and send them off to the american healthcare system. Better than the bloody NHS, which decide to close up shop on weekends, I wonder what happens if someone gets a broken arm on Saturday then, do they just have to sit outside until Monday? The mysteries of healthcare. Anyway! The rambling point there was that the doctors better not be part of the NHS. Unless deamons take the weeekend off as well, in which case then the angels are pretty much fine.

Heh, also quite a neat touch is the fact that Balthazar (a name which I will spell wrong many times before the end of this) aaaalmost backhands the priest in the face. Which would mean we wouldn’t have to put up with his, y’know, speaking. =P

Speaking of priests, is he an effeminate man or a flat chested woman? Kinda hard to tell, what with the braids, the daintyness and the fact that I can almost certainly picture him sighing or pouting in the last panel…

Why does he have swastikas in his halo?

I SECOND THAT?!?!?! That’s totally not angel-like at all.

Actually the swastika is a very old and powerful symbol, a good symbol that brings good fortune among many things. I would say something so ancient, good and godly befits an angel very well.
I can only recommend reading more about the symbol and its meanings, other cultures religions are very fascinating!

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