Rebound page 100

March 7, 2011

We made it, it’s page 100, the mark of the great turning point where page numbers are now in THREE DIGITS. You heard me right people, it is a wonder to behold.
It amuses me greatly that page 100 consists of Rex getting his ass kicked around.

Ahaha, I had a great celebratory moment yesterday. I finished this page up at midnight or something, late, sent it to Maia, then went to check our email where I found that the author of Project Future had made us a song. Ding, 100 pages, here have a song!
Then I went to bed laughing my head off because you couldn’t have timed that better if you tried. Awesomeness!


Congratulations on the 100th page! Man, I love this comic. >:C Aw, Rex I wonder how long you spent growing those horns – I imagine him lovingly polishing them in the mirror every morning with Evil Grade Horn Wax… which in retrospect sounds like an innuendo.

Congrats for the 100th page :D
May this awesomeness continue forever.Amen.
(I should write something funny about Rex being less horny,but I can’t think off any good jokes right now)

(makes a deep bow and takes off his top hat in a swing) til lykke med det runde tal
back to english
i like the song it’s a nice gift for the round number.
looks like demon/soul vampire horns doesn’t have veins in ’em as most other horns does. hehe

That was providence, really – I was trying to get it done before the next update so they could link to it in the update if they wanted, but it hadn’t quite clicked that this would be the 100th strip…

Hooray for you on 100 pages, quite an achivement considering how much dedicated work you put in this comic, and yes I do love it, I just wish you hadn’t killed off Matthew I liked him. Hope Rex gets it good for killing off Matt and injuring the shark, look forward to another 100!!

And shooting Ennet with lightning to the chest AND giving bal a new scar in the face

congratulations :3

and atleast something that we will remember forever happened in this page.
must be a shame to loose his horns

you know this may not have anything to do with the current page (congrats on the 100th page though) being a new person to this comic i wanted to ask how does a human that dies transform into an animal? like how does the process happen? is it only for people wanting to join heavens army? or do all “new” angels become elves/anthropomorphic animals/cherubim?

Well welcome to it and thank you :)

What makes you think the angels were previously human? All these creatures have always looked like they look now (well except for the wings), and a human would likewise remain looking like a human.
There are humans around, but they are relatively rare among the myriad of other species.

the reason for humans being rare, is that we only exist here on earth while other species can be found on multiple planets (no example). if you want to know more about this you could always look at the wiki, though it’s still in progress.

Congratulations with #100, looking forward to the time when the next 0 is added to that. :)
Keep up the good work.

And that was my little peep.

100 pages, hoorah! This calls for a celebratory sacrifice! *Louis* :P I hope it wasn’t a deep scratch.

Anyway, is there going to be any kind of correlation between the newly-de-horned Rex and Hellboy?

I am new to this comic, but I can say now it is pretty good one, with interesting plot and characters. :)

I have a question: is it just me or Nicholas does look a bit more goofy when he smiles widely? :P

This is my first time commenting but I’ve been reading for a while. Great job, congrats on the 100th page! Amazing story so far, always keeps me coming back for more!

Rex never liked those horns any way… Hope he’s got insurance to replace those with. :D

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