Rebound page 102

March 21, 2011

Urghh, this is the hardest page I’ve yet had to colour for this comic. Haha, and the next one’s gonna be even worse. Oh joy.


Well, you did a fantastic job with it! I look forward to your updates because your art is absolutely fantastic :) (Storyline is great, too, but man that art ^^ )

Your coloring is beautiful ^ ^
No Balthazar… Sad T.T
But there’s explosions, so that makes it a little better :P

It looks like Louis might be ok, as long as he & Ennet & Monique & Nicholas get out of there. Here’s hope for the future.

Nicholas was sent to fetch a medic, presumably his sister, so unless Louis bleeds out, or Nick is waylaid in the forest, he should be in safe hands. Sadly it looks like it’s too late for Matt.

But seeing as how Nicholas is really airheaded, who knows if he’s outside the potential blast radius?

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