Rebound page 103

March 28, 2011

Jeez, it feels like I’ve been waiting forever to paint that last panel. So gratifying to finally do it.

I’m going to take a break for a week so there almost certainly won’t be a page next Monday. I’m suffering from some nasty muscle tension at the moment, and it kind of spread to my drawing arm and I kind of live on painkillers right now, so I need to not sit and draw at a computer more than necessary for a while.
Sorry about that, no one is more annoyed by this than me.

Edit 29/3 2011:
As per request that last panel is now up in the gallery in a wallpaper version should anyone want it on their desktop.


i hope you’re using a vacom for drawing.
I just hope there’s no angels under the masive ‘n hugest lava barf ever seen.
I hope Ennet and Monique will be ok. They’re my favs right after Bal and Nick

I am using a wacom. Holy crap, I remember back in the day when I learned myself to colour digitally with a mouse. It was so horrible and time consuming. I’d rather draw comics in traditional media than have to deal with that D:

drawing with a mouse aint nice. That’s why i like my mouse-PAD and vacom. I remember when i didn’t use mac. My hand was all “whitch-like”

The lava barf is truly epic. I can’t wait to see the other sins in full-on plus-size lava-y goodness. ^ ^

That last panel is AWESOME! Great job!

I know exactly what you’re talking about when it comes to muscle tension and pain. I had that problem for a while and it got so bad it actually dislocated a vertebrae in my neck…wasn’t pretty! I had to retrain myself to be more ergonomically correct in my keyboard position, my mouse use, as well as where to position the screen so I’m not looking down at it,

I hope that it gets better for you!

Thanks, and yeah, I have a tendency to lean over when I’m concentrating on something and generally slump and sit at odd angels where my back is never straight, so I deal with this from time to time. Someday I will succeed in learning to sit straight. Someday :I

I find that having the right chair helps alot to this.

Let me add a Wow! To this page as all the others have done, and hope for a speedy recovery, I’d hate for you to suffer unduly.

The last panel (with or without the word balloon) would be another awesome wallpaper. Incredible landscape!

Haha, you and your wallpapers. But I agree this panel might actually be good for it. I think it comes pretty close to a wide screen resolution format, and the word balloon would be easy to edit out. Hmm, I’ll take a look at it tomorrow maybe.

Oh man, I hope you feel better soon. I’ve had something similar before, usually takes over my neck, shoulder, and jaw. Take whatever time you need though, I’m a patient person :3

just wondering,where is this? like,on which planet is it? is it like some kind of second dimension of earth or some other planet? or is this on the past or future?

The elves have mentioned themselves that this world is called Kimera.
As for the rest of the question, you’ll see how it works. But what I can say is everything takes place in the present, or 2009 I guess, because that’s where the comic started. That is if you can even talk about ‘present’ in an alternate fantasy universe.

Very cool comic, I look forward to updates!

I must admit, however, that this chapter seriously was hard to read, for me anyway. The entire time our heros are engaging in banter, this poor Vampire kid is burning alive in the centre of the circle, and they just don’t seem to be in all that much of a hurry to save him. Even if the lines were hot, they certainly didn’t seem to try at all. Just the one lady saying that things were toasty. Why didn’t they knock a pillar down and use it as a bridge to walk on? Or, I suppose the most obvious one was, why didn’t they just use their wings and fly? They should have been able to flap over top of the symbols until they could reach the kid. Whats a few burned feet compared to saving the kid’s life? Anyhooo, if there was another reason, it wasn’t explained, which made it awkward for me as a reader because I was left wondering what was going on.

Don’t get the wrong idea, I love the comic and its totally fun, but I just wanted to mention this little bit of helpful criticism, providing you don’t mind that is.

I look forward to some updates soon! Also. here is hoping that they get that Vampire kid saved before he suffers anymore. Also, I seriously hope the poor kid lives. After putting him through all that hell, it would be terrible if he died.

Nope, it’s cool, I appreaciate criticism, especially about thing like this where some point or detail doesn’t quite come across. It’s not like we’re super seasoned comic makers or anything, this is a learning experience and there’s always room for improvement.

On the point you’re making I hope at least at the end of this scene it will be clear that the angels wouldn’t just be able to swoop the sacrifice out of there since he’s chained to the rock. But you’re not the first to wonder about this, and I plan to go back and revise things here and there when the first volume is finished, so this is probably one of the things I’ll try and retcon so that more attention is brought to it from the start.

Reasons the kid (that’s not a vampire) wasn’t saved:
1. He’s chained down, probly with some magic as well.
2. They don’t fly over there because the heat is pretty intense and well, heat travels upwards.
3. Balthazar were starting to cross a pillar to get to the boy but nick tipped a pillar as he did this making Balthazar change tactic.
4. The reason Nick says “that vampire kid is…” etc…. i think he’s talking about Rex, but i’m not sure

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