Rebound page 105

April 18, 2011

Well whad’ya know :I


hmm. Then it’s a good thing the angels were too stupid to do that.
i can’t imagine how much it would hurt to headbutt the ground from up there with horns

I think the angels weren’t ‘stupid’ to not kill the sacrificial victim – I mean, c’mon, that would have been blatantly playing into the vampire’s hands. … Okay, maybe Nicholas would’ve done that, but still …

I wonder why Rex didn’t cut Bal’s throat any deeper. Poisoned blade, maybe? Or maybe he wants Bal alive for later?

Can’t Balthazar fly? xD

It looks like he landed on his left arm really hard. I hope it isn’t broken. D:

Whoops! Was that your throat? Oh, man! I’m so sorry! Maybe I shouldn’t have had that second cup of coffee there, but, ah well, what can you do. Bye Balti, you died as you lived, by the sword.. Get it? Right beside the sword there.. Aah… Sometimes I’m so evil, I leave myself breathles. Woah! There I go again. :p

From reading the comic, I get the strong impression that Bal and Rex were good friends once, and perhaps still are in a way. I think thats why Rex only gave him a light cut when he could have gone for the kill. They are willing to fight eachother, but its obvious they don’t really want to cause mortal injury.

In real life, creatures that have wings flap like crazy whenever their feet aren’t enough, whether they’re stumbling, jumping, falling or just trying to run faster. Even when the wings aren’t working wings, they flap. It’s the same helpless reflex that makes people pump their arms to run and throw out their arms when they fall. You can’t “forget” to do it, because it’s not a brain thing, it’s a reflex. That landing in the last panel… he fell far enough to go from feet first to head first, in open air. There’s no way his wings wouldn’t have gone crazy. He’d have to have been unconscious to land like that. See if you can spend some time with tame birds. I like your comic.

This is about a 4 meter drop and mind you he is not a tiny, quick-reflexed bird. It takes push-off or a good bit of distance for him to fly, so the last panel is drawn in the belief that 4 meters is not enough for his wings to earn him any sort of soft landing.

Sadly I don’t have any winged humanoids for refference, but I’ve spent plenty of time with birds, thank you, I’ve even had 4 myself. Enough time to know that if you drop even small birds from an equal (compared to their height) distance when they’re not expecting it their wings don’t help them much either.

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