Rebound page 106

April 25, 2011

Aw Balthazar, your poor old man back.


you know i would have thought that wrath would have died by now considering he’s been roaring in pain for quite a while. guess he’ll need to suffer through a couple more comics first

by the way couldn’t balthazar be consider a partial dragon(warm-blooded of course) he looks mostly lizard like and his fire comes from the sword so that seems close enough.

on another side note when will opal appear again? i like her and am starting to miss her cat-taur-ness.

You can call Balthazar whatever you want I guess :P However his species are mammals, not reptilian. Also his sword being on fire has nothing to do with him.

Haha, and don’t worry, Opal hasn’t been forgotten.

Again, beautiful and telling art. And I’d have to agree with you Blair, Balthazar’s sin definitely feels like pride here.

Any time now Balthazar is gonna drop the F-bomb. :-p

I totally would have by now. About seventeen times. I think the main reason I would Fall within ten seconds of becoming an angel would be because I just wouldn’t stop cursing in a situation like this.

Since Ennet is here, and not at the sacrificial circle … I guess that means either they saved the sacrificial victim, or everything under Wrath has been melted away?

That would possibly explain why Ennet is suddenly out for Rex’s blood.

U think u would really fall from being an angel just from cussing? I mean, I figure if u had the pleasure of becoming an angel I would figure god would like take that ability to cuss from ur vocab while ur still in heaven as ur being inaugurated to be an angel. N I kinda figured god would give u more power than just wings n a sword. Hell, the higher ups on the devils side has spiritual power or magic as u put it, like manifesting fire n electric currents. n the rogue angel can use electric n a sword and fly meanwhile the other good angels r just warriors w wings nothing more. U could have atleast given balthizar more than just a flaming sword that does nothing more than a regular sword does. I would figure he could use something like the force which would be especially useful when his sword is unavailiable, hes a divine general for goodness sake he should have a tad more power that the others cant exactly do. Dang, I feel like I’m bashing. I’m sorry. I’m just saying

No you definitely wouldn’t be thrown out of Heaven for cussing X) I think Heaven would be very short of people if that was the case.

Angels are rather weak compared to all these magic users, true. It was always our intention to make them weak, it makes for a more interesting setup when the opposing fractions aren’t equal.
We never cared that much about writing epic battle scenes anyway – Sure they’re fun too, but epic is better in moderation if you ask me.

The main themes of this story are more about political and social issues, which wouldn’t be interesting if all of Heaven was this great, just force and all of Hell/places like Kimera was full of evil, sleezy demons.
Good VS Evil is such a tired cliché, it’s more fun to make stories about the grey areas. Sure the first volume of Rebound is pretty Good VS Evil, but we’re only building that up so we can tear it down later.
Besides, everyone else turns angels into these super powerful deities – Why do that when you can do something different?

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