Rebound page 108

May 9, 2011

Yeah, he doesn’t looks so well :I


to be honest, he looks like crap i thought he died. :/
but it’s a good kind of crap, considering he’s supposed to look as so. XD

His hair’s still there? Now that’s a nice perm you’ve got there!

Yeah, I was kind of unsure whether it would burn of, but eh, I guess not? I don’t think hair self-ignites all that easily, not much easier than skin anyway, and the rest of him isn’t on fire :P

Huh, I actually tried to find some info on this because I find it interesting, but it proved to be really hard and the best I could dig up was this research paper: [Link]
It concludes that human hair can take being pressed up against something heated to at least 400 degrees celcius with no more damage than it becomming brittle and darkened. So yeah, maybe I should make his hair darker, but now I’m even more sure it wouldn’t burn.

I’d debate the bit about hair not scorching, as I’ve had my hair touch against my soldering iron numerous times (guh the stink), and it shrivels and blackens. (soldering iron develops 300-350 C on average)

so i guess this means wrath is finally dead? good.

and what is she doing in that third panel with her sword? it seems to be a little to close to the veins in her neck and a little unsafe.

which brings me to my next point. why didn’t this persons blood get practically boiled and evaporated thus killing him? he stayed on there long enough to kill him. although he is a vampire, so maybe they could survive through things like this? but aren’t vampires supposed to die from fire? hmm…questions, questions, questions…

She’s breaking the lock on the chain around his neck.

Vampires are not particularily tough, they’re pretty much like humans, so it’s pretty weird that he isn’t dead yes.

i know what can explain all of this…
Magic. Simple and crasy, good ol’ magic

even if im the exactly opposite of christian(yeah believe me: you couldn’t be less) i like the comic a lot. And about the thing you wrote under the first page: the story of the bible is worse than a childrens book:D

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