Rebound page 11

July 10, 2009

An even bigger issue is dropped on the angels.

I don’t really have anything to say today. Maia’s little ‘vacation’ was prolonged so she’s still off, and I’m still struggling to get some pages coloured before the coloured part of our buffer runs out.

You can vote for a quick and (very) early colour sketch of the church.


Aaaaw :3 I really adore Balthas sad face in the last panel… Yeah and Maia is here for a very brief remark before wobbling back to her bed. I’ll try to colour some of page 15 D: though I don’t think I’ll be able to finish it.

He doesn’t look that sad to me, although that might just be because it’s hard to make a variation on the lizard/ dragons normal expression which is Slightly Stoned. Or am I the only one who thinks like that?

Also: Hang on, shouldn’t page twelve be coloured next? Seems like the next logical step really. =P Or is there something super special about page 15? Ooooh! Tell us! Tell us!

However, the most important thing is, shouldn’t you be taking some form of time off if you’re, y’know, dying? We’ll still be around if you do. Or at least I will be. And I assume Gitte will be as well. And the rest of us comment goons! Gooooo gooooooons! Anyway, the point is, take some time off! *shakes fist*

I coloured page 12-13 before going to the hospital :) And don’t worry I’m not dieing… just going slightly insane… so they are observing me for some time, to figure out what kind of meds would make me more “normal”

Even tough the heavens are Gittes area of expertise; I’ll answer the halo confusion.
All types of angels got their own halo. Warriors have red halos. Healers, like the bunny on page 9, got green halos, and so on. :)

I think the note on colours on page 15 was just a heads up for me ;)

We’re not taking a break because I am an obsessive work-a-holic and won’t stop trying to cram out my two pages a week before my knuckles bleed so hard that I don’t have a choice :P Said scenario will probably happen soon with all the bad luck that has been thrown at us, but whether I’ll let it affect our updates or not I don’t know.
Not having Maia do the flat colours just breaks the limit of what I can keep up with at a weekly basis.

See, now there was such a great oppertunity for a pun there, y’know, “Bearly anything is impossible around here, Illigo” of course that would mean yon character would be destroying continuity, and of course, my guess of the GIANT BEAR/carnival blimp/Blast Ironchest/Sin is mere speculation, but still… mystery abound I do suspect!

Of course, the far more important question around here is why the angels halos are made of crystallised blood, or ruby, or lava. Or something. Just wondering why it’s not white-gold or whatever, mind you, I suppose the excessive light coming from all of the many halos when angels gather could blind the innocent by-stander, so then, a crisis has been averted by your estranged halos. Good work you two. *gives ceremonial high-five*

And of course, far far more important question is: Vampire discrimination? Boo! Hiss! They have feelings to! And I’m fairly certain that they’re not all horrible pagan blood drinkin’ meanies. For all you know there could be reformed vampires around there who just get their blood from the local blood bank and do charity work for orphans. Maybe.

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