Rebound page 113

June 16, 2011

Edit 20/6 2011:
Eh, it’s never good news when I write edits here, is it? New page is going to be late again. It’s not like we’re trying to make a habit of this, it’s just the result of failing to coordinate things while already being behind schedule. Hopefully it’ll be up before Thursday this time.


Whoops, and suddenly it was Thursday. Sorry about the delay.

In the meantime I graduated from my school, so it’s summer break for me now. I predict the summer’s going to be quite hectic for me, though, seeing as I have to move, get ready to start at another school so I can take my bachelor degree, and hopefully find a job. Not to mention the heap of various stuff I have planned to do. Well, let’s see what happens.

Good luck to anyone who still has exams to pass out there.


Nice page , lol balthazar is a funny guy , anyway congratz for the graduation Gitte
this comic is awesome

Good page. Worth waiting for. :)

Panel 4: I am not sure if Balthazar’s face here is showing guilt or embarassment (or something else)?

By Balthazar’s four belts, why does Opal seem so nonchalant about his bleeding neck?

Then again, I guess he must get hurt a lot when she’s around… XD
Congratulations, Gitte!

Haha, now you made me draw this.

Oh my god I love you for that forever. XD

Next to him, Opal: Did you do something with your hair?

*Laughing forever* Goddamn, that should have been there XD

“Did you get a haircut?” – Opal
“My shaver ran wild” – Bal

Don’t you guys realize he’s been covered in blood since page one?
How oblivious, I’m disapointed…

Eh? You know, it must be one of those times when we’re so used to something that we just dont see it anymore. Like me and stop signs.

There’s nothing to look forward to on Monday without you! :-)

Actually, I look forward to this whenever you are able to do it!

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