Rebound page 114

June 22, 2011

There we go. And Nicole’s still out of it.

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Ah, now I get it. She wasn’t objecting to the burial method, but the idea that a burial would make the situation any better.

Is… is that a velociraptor with wings. < <

Gitte. GITTE. How you draw such fluid emotions?

Nicole. Gurl. Your hands are still bloody and covered in goo.
Get those outta your hair. *finger shake*

i was going to ask the same thing about the raptor (awesome)

and i just noticed opals legs and body are massive whereas her waist up is tiny, why is that?

also so far what is a good estimate of how many angels have been lost so far? minus the large amounts of cuts, bruises, and burn marks.

About Opal I guess it’s just a design choice. I always thought taurs with upper bodies bigger than what would fit on the neck of a regular four legged animal looked seriously unbalanced. Also, her lower body is covered in pretty heavy fur, whereas her upper body isn’t.

Pff, dead angels? I only have estimates, but let’s see.
The mission started out with Duncan’s platoon of 50 and Opal’s slightly understaffed one of about 45 + About maybe 15 cherubim + Some healers I won’t count because none of them have died. Before the start of the story a bunch of angels had already been taken out of Opal’s platoon since they were dead or injured, leaving around 30-35 soldiers. We’ve seen that at least 15 of Opal’s soldiers were killed or severely wounded while they made their way through the forest. Oh yeah and Matthew, that’s 16. So here at the end Opal’s left with 14-19 soldiers. And Duncan, I don’t know, probably around 40. They weren’t ambushed on several occasions and they’re better swordsmen, so I doubt they’d have lost more than 10.
Let’s see, that’s 36-41 out of 95 wounded, and out of them maybe half are dead.

For someone who’s already dead, she’s awfully repulsed by death.

What did she realize in the last frame that made her change so suddenly?

I think that she knows it’s not Balz fault but she’s still feeling the need to blame someone for this fiasco and he presented himself as a likely, “coldhearted”, target. And she knows she’s being unfair, though she still needs to do this in order to process this horrible outcome.

Am I right?

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