Rebound page 115

June 27, 2011

You guys, you guys, this is the last page of this scene. 42 pages in the same tiny spot completed, eeeeh.
Now, note to self: Never do that again.


It looks like Opal knows how to deal with poor after-battle morale. Let’s hope that the boy will be appreciative for Nicole’s efforts at saving his life.

lol nice strip , Opal’s face in panel 1 is scary , and i doubt that the sacrifice will turn into a angel after death .

just asking out of curiosity , everyone in this comic use only swords and shields or we will see modern weapons like machine guns , shotguns …etc ?, because i saw in Gitte’s deviant art gallery some characters from the world of Bible that are wearing guns

New angels? Exactly how often do new angels flood Heaven?

Opal: Welcome to Heaven, you will recieve your halo and giant wearable target in two to three business days. :3

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