Rebound page 117

July 11, 2011

Edit 21/7 2011:
Website successfully updated! I did get that Webcomic plugin to work anyway on my second try and then I coded the new design. I’m pretty sure I have checked everything, but if you encounter any errors while browsing the site please let me know.


Edit 12/7 2011:
The site has been down or unfunctinal for most of today because I was trying to migrate everything from the WordPress plugin we’re currently using, ComicPress, to another plugin called Webcomic. As things turned out it mostly just gave me a lot of bugs, and at least for now I’ve given up on it :/
Anyway, sorry for the inconvenience. No matter what the website will probably suffer from more wonkyness in the near future as I figure out something else for giving it an overhaul.


That’s it, the end of Volume 1 :O

We’re going on hiatus for a while before starting on Volume 2 because I have a metric shit ton of things I’d like to work out before I actually start drawing more comic pages. Also it’d be nice to have a bit of a buffer again.
I wish I could give you a date on when we’ll be back, but I seriously don’t know right now. When I can set a date I’ll make sure to make an update about it here, though!

Until then your best bet for keeping up with news and whatever concept art I chunk out and whatnot is to keep an eye on my DeviantART profile or my Twitter if I remember to use it for once.

About Volume 1 it is my plan to go back and revise pages here and there, but it’s going to be a gradual thing.
I know I have made a bunch of continuity errors and besides there’re some panels with too much ugly for me to live with it. Especially the very early pages, some serious ugly going on there.

Anyway, once I’m done with that it was always our plan to get it printed. If anyone has experience with small press printing I’d love to hear about it :) Just keep in mind we live in Denmark.

Hmm, what else. Oh yes, I’m working on revamping the website as well. That should be done before too long. Makeover tiem!

Later you guys, have a nice summer and thanks for reading :D I hope you know you’re like the best readership, always making me laugh.


His.. virtue…? explain please I have a lost.

when you die you got a pocket plane ( a dimension between everything) where you watch a pit fight between you sin and your virtue , the stronger survive in wich is the one you have been “feeding” your whole life, if your sin win you go to hell with it , the sin will torture you until you redeem yourself be killing it i guess, and if your virtue win you go to heaven and live peacefully , unless you join the heaven’s army lol , now idk if the virtue come with you , if you want to learn more digg in the authors deviant art gallery , you can get info how things work a bit

and what if both are equally well fed and have been raised to love and respect each other and thus work as a team to help and protect you? hmmm? virtues go to heaven, sins to hell…but some of us end up where we darn well please when we please. We have the greatest gift of all…freedom.

i wonder what sin and virtue he has , anyway nice comic , hope the hiatus is not a long one , if it is , no prob i will keep looking at the site from time to time

keep rolling guys

It’s been two years?! Wow, I can’t believe part one is already over.

Looking forward to more ;)

My guess is that the ritual sucked out all of his sin, and this is all that survived of his virtue. From the fact that he and his virtue survived for a short time after the ritual was completed, I’m thinking his greatest virtue was Fortitude, either that or he was a very virtuous person. Although I suppose the flipside could also be true, his sin was so great it acted as a shield of sorts when the spell started ripping his soul apart.

I suppose I’ll just have to wait and see.

The poor little “WTF is that” struggles and is left to die all alone. >sobs<

But now I have a question about Soul Vampires… If they suck out all of your sin or virtue, does that mean that a person who would originally go to Hell could go to Heaven, and vice versa? (Can’t wait till Volume 2 is ready!)

While I am not a hundred percent sure because vampires and Kimera are Maia’s domain, I suppose that would be the logical conclusion. After all the whole being sent to Heaven/Hell thing runs on auto-pilot.

keep up the good work! i have to study milton’s paradise lost and the fist few pages on the creation and fall of lucifer really helped..:-) i had no idea she was she though…

Oh no, please don’t take our silly creation story as canon christian lingo XD That’ll most likely just cause some misunderstandings.

Yes, we do draw a lot from classical texts like Paradise Lost and The Divine Comedy because everyone’s general idea of especially Hell also draws a lot from those texts, but we also take bits and pieces from other places and from other religions and things we’ve completely made up ourselves. For example we take full responsibility for the female Lucifer :P

What would you except with two female creators? Besides there’s way too many male persons mentioned in the bible anyway so it’s only good to get more females. That’s why B.I.B.L.E. is my actual bible (it’s funny how much i know of this stuff when relating to the fact that i’m an atheist…) Keep up the AWESOME work, actually scratch that. MAKE IT EVEN MORE AWESOME THAN IT’S ALREADY BEEN! (try beat my first day in high-school/gymnasium’s level of AWESOMENESS. good luck on that though)

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