Rebound page 118

September 12, 2011

Here we go, new page. I uploaded the cover for Volume 2 yesterday, so click back a page if you haven’t seen that yet.
Oh and as I wrote yesterday we’re of course back on the Monday schedule from here on out.

When we first started writing Rebound it was supposed to be completely bare-bones, linear storytelling without any narration, flashbacks or anything like that. But then we came upon the topic of Rex’s background and agreed that it would be better to show it than to have everyone indulge in boring, expositional conversations about things everyone already knows. So here we are, starting this thing off with a Rex!centric flashback.


Double checking halo colors:
Blue = Seraph
Red = Warrior
Green = Healer

And the ones with the little hindu swastikas are generals, right?

Yeah, except the blue ones aren’t seraphim. Rex is a seraph at this point and his halo is a yellow disk. The angels with blue halos are as a group called dominions, but they take on a lot of different functions, so usually they’re just called by their job title instead.

And from that little piece of information this is how the halo list looks:

Peacock Wings (not a halo but who cares) = Arch Angels
Yellow Disc = Seraph
Blue = Dominions (aka i’m your boss)
Red with Swastikas = Generals
Red = Warriors
Green = Healers

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