Rebound page 119

September 19, 2011

Rex actually thought quite highly of Heaven. Once.


So, he executed, what, people? And will we find out how he sacrified himself almost to his own destruction?

It’s execute as in doing something ;)

Maybe that’s one of the meanings of this word, but 99% of people will interpret it (especially if it is on its own) to mean “To put to death”. Perhaps it would be better to change this sentence to something like this:

“Haven’t I done enough in the name of God?”

Or this:

“Haven’t I executed enough tasks in the name of God?”

Sorry if I am being a grammar Nazi. I want only to help, not to scold you. :)

I just feel like I’ve heard/read it used this way plenty of times? But without anything prior to the sentence that can clarify he’s talking about an action, I can see how it’s easy to misunderstand.
Anyway, English is our second language so we botch up grammar and word use sometimes and I very much appreciate being corrected when that happens.

Guess I’ll fix that speech bubble then.

This trial doesn’t seem to be very fair. What they seem to have going for them is the word of his partner.. That alone isn’t enough to condemn anybody, let alone a guy who has proven his worth. This feels wrong.

Technical problem here: your “new reader? start here” banner cuts a good inch off of the comic and I can’t get it to go away. I can’t read anything that’s being said in the first two panels.
Maybe its my fault for browsing on my PS3, but is there any way to fix this, other than getting an actual computer to read this on?

Huh, I just checked on my own PS3 and you’re right, what’s usually the sidebar is completely mangled and all over the place. Well that’s not very good. I’ll see if I can fix it when I have time, but I’m not sure if the issue lies with something I’ve done or if it’s something about the way the WordPress theme we’re using is set up that’s not supported by the PS3 browser. In the latter case there might not be much I can do about it :/
Anyway, thanks for telling. The only temporary solution I can think of is to download the individual comic files to your PS3 and read them that way. If you’re trying to read more than one page at a time that would be a major pain in the ass, though.

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