Rebound page 12

July 13, 2009

Vampire kid is not happy with the elves.

I did a bit of site management last week. The most prominent change is our now prettified permalinks which actually have some sense to them and are not just random numbers. I still need to tweak the frontpage and update our link section.
If you have anything on your mind that you think would make a nice change for the website just speak up :) I may not have time to do something about it in the nearest future, but I can add it to my consider-to-do list.

Speaking of time issues there is a slight risk that I might have to cancel one or both of our updates next week. Believe me I am trying my best to avoid it, but I’m just not sure whether we can pull a miracle out of our butts this week.
Sweet jumping mother of Jesus, though: Maia is coming home either today or tomorrow!

Also, this is me like right now 8D


Glad to hear Maia’s ok!

Here, in the last panel, is this guy looking up in thought, or because something caught his attention? (Also, what’s his name?)

You’ll see in the next page. And he’s not an important character so he doesn’t have a name. I just call him vampire kid :P

Hey I gave him a name in the PS file D:
I just don’t remember it. Ohh and the hospital stay migt take a few more days… I’ll tell you more about that later Gitte.

And I bet you it was Steve! Amiright? *wink wink nudge nudge* =D

And good luck on that getting out of hospital without them doctor types filling you full of infectuous diseases!

And for the record, niiiiice shirt that Gitte person (I assume at any rate)! ….. Now I just need to figure out if i’m being sarcastic or not. =P

Ooooh, a change I think would be a mite prettiful: Could ya put the name of the person who is putting that lil’ authors note at the bottom of the note? Y’know, so then I won’t need to use my brain to figure out whether I’m complimenting Gitte or Maia’s fashion sense. =P I’m sure it’ll have other uses to though.

Oh, and an archive for old vote incentives would be pretty nifty keen to. Sorry, I should probably stop giving suggestions for even more work for you to do =P

It’s always me, Gitte, who does the updates and author notes, but I’ll see what I can do for you. If nothing else I can take a second to write that it’s me at the bottom of the note XD Hmm, and an incentives archive? I don’t know, maybe sometime. And hey, I asked for suggestions, so don’t feel bad about making them :P

Haha, are you dissing my dress (it’s a button-up dress, not a shirt)? XD Shut up, I like my dress!

Aaaah! Vampires! Yaaaaay! And far more importantly, he must be called Steve, Steve McQwark. For the 7 people in the world who actually got that reference (I know it’s pretty slim odds that you are actually reading this, but hey, what the hell.) *awesome five!*

Aaaaanyhoo, moving back to the realms of understandable ramblings: Aha! So there is racisim! As I long suspected over the whole day I actually thought about it. Oh well, it’s probably not going to matter that much to him seeing as the ominous off screen doohicky Steve is staring at will probably kill him; as the laws of disposable characters dictates that if the viewer can’t see what the character sees then it is all over for the disposable goon. He be screwed!

And surely if that scroll has the position of said camp/forces/GIANT BEAR surely he should be carrying back to those angel dudes, rather than off to some secluded little place where the villains can kill him and make his brain into a stylish hat. Why am I the only one who thinks logically around here? Maaaan, I wish I was a character in this thing, I’d put all those un-genre savvy fools back into their places. *grumble*

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