Rebound page 122

October 10, 2011



its october 9th where i am.
and once again i must point out how uncomfortable that must be with wing in bed. especially with 2 people.

eee, so excited to finally meet lana! after seeing all the art gitte did it’s made me so excite to see her.
at the same time, i have a question: lana’s a seraph?! how many seraphs are there, and what are their duties? :3c

Yep, she’s a seraph too.
The seraph title is very highly regarded and is something of an honour mark for angels who have worked in the army. It is also a bit like a retirement option for generals who are tired out from actual warfare, but don’t want to leave the army entirely. Seraphim are the gate keepers of Heaven – That means a great deal of responsibility, but rarely much hard or dangerous work. Basically their job consist of opening and closing gateways between Heaven, Hell and various worlds.

I gotta ask, since i forgot to last time. Does the Seraphim get special powers, that standard angels don’t?

And when he get’s stripped of his “rank”, does that influence that?

The ability to open and close gates is a special power that comes with the halo (and some practice). It Is possible to do it without a halo, but it kind of compares to having the key to a massive, wielded door rather than having to forge it open.

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