Rebound page 123

October 17, 2011

I have a condition. A condition that prevents me from resisting the urge to plaster a kangaroo character in Australian stereotypes. As Maia pointed out to me, we should’ve just called him Steve and gotten it over with.

(Man, I still need to draw this dude wrestling crocs in the outback like something fierce.)


Putting on a brave front isn’t he. And Oh my, his feathers are falling out, is that a sign that he is falling completely from grace?

Should I feel bummed about this? ‘Cause I do…

It’s his second pair of wings that are starting to fall off because he doesn’t have the seraph halo any more. Wings come with the halo.

oh my, rex should invest in some anti-feather-loss shampoo haha :0
also, some new environment! :D happy happy! I wonder what that glowing things is

At least you didn’t do a bunny. Aussie kangaroos make sense (and are funny to play around with) but Aussie bunnies are just… Why did cartoony bunnies become Australian??

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