Rebound page 125

October 31, 2011

I do that thing where I make the same expression as whoever I’m drawing, so my face actually kind of hurts drawing all these pages with Lana because she’s frowning so much all the time, haha.


Looks like this ain’t gonna end well for anybody …

I’m not sure if I missed this while I was away, but what exactly do the solid halos represent?

It’s even worse than killing a mortal since this is a final death. Like murdering someone’s soul isn’t it? Poor Roo!

They should have brought duct tape instead! Duct tape solves every problem.

Duct tape John up, just to leave him to the demons?
That’s cruel D:

Behold, the comic now has a TV Tropes page!

There actually already was one over here:, but the more the merrier I guess :D
Did you create this one? If so you are a pretty cool dude.

Maia messaged me a quote from this this morning while I was on my way to a job interview and made everything a little better. And now I got home and checked out the rest of it and nearly spit my lunch everywhere over Nicole being called tsundere and “Our elves are better: No they aren’t” XD

Hmm. Maybe we should combine the two. I looked in the list of fantasy webcomics and searched the acronym, but I didn’t think to search the full title.

Actually, if there hadn’t been a page already, this would be the third comic I could take credit for the TV Tropes page on.

I would too as im drawing. Man, ur kinda like the Biggie Smalls at the art of storytelling. With a drop of some mr. Wes Craven of course.haha U should start making actual movies for it someday you’d do great I tell yu. Odoyle rules!..sorry, I just got through watching “billy maddison” ..

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