Rebound page 126

November 7, 2011

Edit 8/11:
If you use the RSS feed for keeping up with the site you may have noticed that it hasn’t been working for a few weeks. This was brought to my attention today and I found out it was because we were hacked >:I Really annoying, but everything should be fine again.

In other words, whoo, look what WordPress can do now:

You can even imbed stuff in comments. There’s some info here. Pretty cool.


I was made aware/reminded that B.I.B.L.E. has all of two tv trope pages: Here and here.
They amuse me, maybe they will amuse you too.


I’m Back!
Man it’s been long since i’ve been able to check my comics.
Awesome page. I really have to say that i prefer the colour scheme in heaven to the one at Kimera.

How come there’s nobody on the wiki besides me and the Writers? Come on, people, there’s a link to it at the top of every page!

I know I’m sort of repeating myself here… But thank you for being so awesome :3
I look at the wiki ever so often, thinking that I really should start fleshing it out, but then I think “why bother, when nobody reads this anyway.” So seeing that someone was not just reading it, but also expanding it, it made my day!

I’ve tried expanding, but is says you have to log in and there’s no place to create a new account. When I finally found the link to create one it said I didn’t have permissions.

We don’t allow anonymous edits anymore because it was hell to keep the spam bots at bay, but if you want an account you can write us an email ( with the username you want, then I’ll create one for you.

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