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November 21, 2011

Why, if it isn’t the very first real Hell critters we’ve seen in this comic.

I have a lot of news today about merchandise and also a contest, so hang on.
First of all I closed the merch survey just now. Thank you everyone who took the time to fill it out :)
It has brought us to the following verdicts:

If we were going to get posters printed the minimum print run would have to be of 20 posters for the price to be reasonable (around 10$ for an A2 size poster). We’d also have to offer them as pre-ordered items since we are poor. I’m not convinced we could currently sell 20 posters, so that means no posters. At least not for now :I

Bags on the other hand. Bags we can do :D We found a company that can make them for pretty cheap, and better yet, ships worldwide at a really low price. In the survey this was bag nr. 2 by the way.
I already got a ~beta version~ and was pleasantly surprised by the quality. I call it the beta version because there are some issues with the cropping and saturation of the print. I’ve fixed that and ordered a second one, though. Once I get that and can make sure it looks as intended we’ll put the bags up for sale. They’ll be 35$ a piece.
In the meantime have some pictures. (That’s my sister thrown in for size comparison, haha):

Speaking of bags, we feel like throwing one up (sponsored by Maia) + a piece of original art (by me) as a prize, so we decided to hold a contest!
Said contest will start right now and run for a month (until the 21st of December). You can enter with anything creative – Draw something, write something, film something, design a character, bake a freaking cake, whatever you can think of. We don’t care if you’re not brilliant at what you do as long as you have a good idea. Really, the only rule is it must be related to B.I.B.L.E. in some way.



That bag came out AWESOME! The size is good, is it large enough to say…fit a laptop (it looks to be, just curious).

Looks like the critters coming through the gateway are from a frozen section of Hell…

Lovin the design!

mmmm….contest…I may have to throw my lot in here just cause…

It can fit my laptop which has a 15.6″ screen. My laptop kind of has a weird format and is very wide, so I guess you could stuff a bigger one in there, but not by much.
The bag is 37cm x 27,5cm, but that’s the outside size.

The bag looks really awesome :D And contest time, can’t wait to be a judge!

And I like the first monster thingy :3 It’s so adorable! <3

THOSE THINGS ARE AWESOME! (both the hell spawn and the bag)
Time to turn on the creativity and put the pedal to the metal!
Good luck everyone but in the end it doesn’t really matter (coz’ i’ll win this :D nah actually good luck and may the best entry win)

Is it just a random roar, or is the ice-dragon-thing shouting “FREE”?

It’s just a roar, but now that you mention it that’s pretty funny XD

Also, does this mean that magic in the comic uses a Fire Ice Lighting mechanic? I ask because all the attack magic we’ve seen so far has used fire or lightning.

I will not go into depth with this but so far we have put magic into three categories:

Elemental: such as fire and lightning. It also contains things like poison/venom.
Physical: This contains all sorts of body modifications, like magically boosting your strength.
Mind: This is all about changing how others perceive or interact with the world, by using illusions and such things.

sure, the little guy LOOKS cute and cuddly… but he’s probably got some demonic man eating tongue that pops out and… kills stuff…

Maybe he looked like that before he went to Hell. :-p

He’s a demon, so this is probably the first time he’s outside hell : )

I suppose you were thinking he was a mortal who went to hell and escaped or became a demon. That is however not the way it works :)
Mortals going to hell will never run around freely, interact with demons, nor do they turn into one. Upon death you will be sent to either heaven or your own personal hell in the lowest ring of hell. This area is inaccessible to everyone outside it.
Some very lucky few, manage to escape their personal hell. Those are referred to as devils, and you can spot them by their black eyes.

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