Rebound page 129

November 28, 2011

More demons! We’re practically swimming in them now.

We already got a few lovely entries for the contest. You can see them on the contest page, and if you happen to have an idea for an entry too, don’t hesitate to join them :) The more the merrier and all that.

Also, we should hopefully get a webshop up and running within the week so we can start selling those Rebound bags.
Also, we now have a store where you can buy the Rebound bag. Check it out!


I dunno, somehow I expected Hell to be more…you know…hellish.

Well, it can’t All just be one big sea of fire, can it now.

Yah, but it wasn’t until I read the comments that I even realized it WAS hell. I’d thought these were just some new mortal species.

Come to it, the bartender looks a lot like Dr. Jumba from Lilo And Stitch.

What should they look like then? They can’t all be red goat-men with pitchforks… That would be Really boring.
Also, remember that both the parents of the first demons used to be mortals, human even, so that some of them turn out looking sorta human and such, shouldn’t be a surprise.

I just figure that “horrible monsters that could never be like the children of God” should be easier to spot.

I know, I know, MST3K Mantra and all that, but still.

Although yeah, copypasta horns-and-pitchfork demons would be really boring. Maybe these are just the more reputable demons and the really nasty ones are scarier.

Just saying, you shouldn’t judge all of the enormous entity that is Hell from a few peaceful demons in an inn.
Also, we practically don’t know anything about Hell from the comic so far, except for what it says in The Creation, and I wouldn’t rely on that too much. It’s just a story after all. A story from Heaven’s point of view.

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