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July 17, 2009

What? What would you ask them? XD

Meet the cherubim; they no speak good English. Nor do they grasp the point of clothing or the importance of being nice to strangers.

Uhh, I am trying out ComicPress’ cool automatic update feature with this update. Right now I am actually on a train to the other end of the country. Both Maia and I are going to be away for the weekend to visit some friends of ours.
We are doing fairly well on catching up on those damned colours too, so it looks like any cancelled updates won’t be necessary anyway :)

A nice weekend to all of you, see you Monday, and don’t forget to vote if you can spare a few seconds. I have a terrible old drawing of Lulu (the cherub doing the talking) for you today that you can all laugh at.


Sweet mother of monkey jesus! To hell with genre savvy-ness. If it’s going to get him stabbed in the jugular then the angels can screw their message! Run Steve! Run for your life! Also the look of utter fear on his face is priceless. Good work. Now if you excuse me, i was supposed to be at work five minutes ago. Ruuuun awaaaay!

Yes I am not blind to the fact that someone would probably bring this up, but I can assure you that half of the cherubim aren’t black skinned because we are racist or draw any parralels between black people and idiotic monsters. Neither are they the only black skinned creatures in this series or this universe. The reason you think so probably is because the majority of the human looking characters so far have been elves/vampires, and no, there aren’t any black elves/vampires.
I am sorry we two authors don’t live in a country where you have to watch your every step to avoid being called racist, but you can be sure that we don’t hate people because of the colour of their skin or their culture or their religion or any other issue that might come up in this comic :) I’m sorry if you think otherwise.

That was a fairly disingenuous reply.

“I am sorry we two authors don’t live in a country where you have to watch your every step to avoid being called racist…”

Wow. Just…wow.

I agree Crow that reply was a little rude :/

I am also fairly bothered by this page. I suppose things are somewhat evened out with Arch angel Raphael being portrayed as a black man, but still the fact that most of the Cherubim are clearly characters of colour is a bit jarring. Will a more noticeable mix of skin tones between all the angels show up later in the comic?

Sorry this is going to be a bit long, but here goes:

Hi Gull. Oh man this is so old, and -I- agree my reply was a little rude and just a poor reply, but I get really offended when someone will automatically assume that something is racist 13 pages into a really long comic. I guess that is just how things are – Racism sure is a thing that exists, and some people will immediately be on the defence about it.

I can see the problem though, you come in to the comic and there are a bunch of elves and vampires that are all human looking and all have white skin, and then there are the cherubim who are animalistic, dumb, and all have darker skin.
Did we think ‘oh, dumb and angry surely equals dark skin’ and then proceed to make the cherubim as such? No, of course we didn’t.

The cherubim have dark skin because of the origin of the creature in mythology. Cherubim are assumed to be based on mythological creatures called lamassu or shedu that were depicted in the Assyrian empire. Just like many other things related to Heaven in the comic they are based on middle-eastern culture and history because that was where all of the abrahamic religions originated.

On the other hand the elves and vampires are based on stereotypical, boring old fantasy elves. These elves are always white, and so, so are these. As the story proceeds you will find there is nothing very redeeming about them either.

We are dealing with two different races here that are both a bunch of assholes and both don’t actually have much to do with Heaven or angels.
Would it be better if they were switched around so the elves all had darker skin and the cherubim all had light skin? The sad answer is that if we had done that we’d probably never had anyone break a sweat over it – But that, to me, would be a far more ‘racist’ decision, because of how calculated and baseless it would be. I refuse to canter to that kind of gross political correctness – Just like movies where you have a specific quota of how many black people and how many asian people there should be in the cast and what kind of roles they can play.
It makes me sick, to be honest.

Both Maia and I like to stick it to the political correctness and to play around with stereotypes (so we can crush them to little pieces). I realize we might often shoot ourselves in the foot doing that, but it’s just our thing. If we cared much about being politically correct we wouldn’t be making this comic at all, oh boy.
But that being said, we are not out to point fingers at anyone or demean any sort of people groups, and it would make me very sad if anyone were to think that, because that is very much not the point.

Then you asked if there will be more of a mix of skin tones later in the comic. Yes, the characters where always meant to be very multi-ethnic, but the problem with thinking about skin tones is that most of them aren’t human, nor look anything like humans. Then how can you define ‘characters of colour’? Mostly by their culture – But that is something that takes time to establish.
Also, let’s remember that ‘characters of colour’ does not necessarily equal ‘characters who are black and of African decent’.

Long time reader, first time commenter. I only noticed this thread when I was reading over the comments.

It never even occurred to me that the cherubim might be interpreted that way. I’ve red over this comic several times and it never once bothered me. I live in an area where people have to be careful what they say. I learned of the Assyrian creatures in Art History.

I applaud you and Maia for sticking it to political correctness and depicting the cherubim as you did. It adds richness to the story.

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