Rebound page 130

December 5, 2011

Before you ask, no it is not ~that~ Dante. Who then turned into a cat. That would be strange.

Just repeating myself: We got a store up and running last week where you can buy that super cool Rebound bag.

Oh, and the contest where you can win one of said bags is of course still running, so come join!


LOL , dante is a cat xD , no wonder he manage to write the ” divine comedy” he can easly write about all rings since he has 9 lives and there is only 7 circles of hell xD… I guess rex doesn’t know about his girlfriend’s little scheme , anyway nice strip keep it up =)

To Awesomelegacy, there’s actually 9 circles of hell in dante’s inferno. Which is weird since you’d expect it to be something like 7 (7 deadly sins) or 6.

Yeah thats true , only 9 circles in dante’s book , its trully weird with only 7 sins and 9 circle , but i remember 1 circle is for ppl that committed heresy in god’s name and …etc

The circles in Inferno don’t follow the deadly sins at all, so no it’s not all that weird. They’re grouped by various sinful acts instead.

No, nine is, apparently, the perfect number. Given that god supposedly created it, it makes an odd sort of sense.

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