Rebound page 134

January 16, 2012

I finished this Just as it turned Monday here, because I am one timely mofo like that.
Anyway, whoo, I managed to finish a page and we are back!

While we were gone we were nominated for the Danish comic prize ‘Ping Prisen’.
Apparently cool things happen when you don’t work on your comic! What d’ya know 8D


It looks like I was right about continuation of argument and angeles showing up on this page. ;)

It looks like the situation is about to get much worse.

Uhoh, watch out Lana!

Anyhow, I like the first real glimpse of how you fit a shirt on when you have those huge wings… apparently you have a great big hole in it! (in all previous pictures that hole is covered by a scabbard!

I of course meant the bare patch of skin between the wings is covered by the scabbard (Monday morning it’s-still-too-early syndrome)

Starting to wonder if scabbard is even the right word for the thing-you-put-the-sword-in-when-not-killing-demon-spawn…
Hmm, better to stop commenting… this is getting silly

“I can’t do it without my halo”

Can’t he just reach with his hand and grab Lana’s halo and open the gate himself?

If he could do that he’d have had two chances to do so at this point, that he skipped out on for no reason.
It doesn’t work like that, you can’t just use someone else’s halo.

I see. I just thought that, if Rex could take John’s halo and throw it away (page 125), then he could also use it. I understand that there are some safeguards against using the power of halo that doesn’t belong to you?

And another question: why did Rex throw away John’s halo? Or is it something we will learn about in the future? :)

Yes, halos are linked to the person who owns them, and while you can take someone else’s halo and attempt to use it, the result will be highly unpredictable and most likely won’t do you any good whatsoever.

About John’s halo – Halos give angels the ability to ‘jump’ between dimensions, so when Rex threw away John’s it was mostly to prevent him from doing so, so he couldn’t imediately escape if he woke up.
It’s something that’ll come up here and there. We haven’t seen much of this ability in the comic yet.

Wait, if angels can “jump between dimensions” using their halos, why is it possible to hurt them without the element of surprise?

Because they can’t jump everywhere… like here in hell. In hell they can only enter and leave via gates, like the ones the seraphs can make : )

Yeah, outside of Heaven jumping doesn’t mean you’re free to ‘teleport’ freely wherever you want. In Hell the power doesn’t work at all.

Also, crossing over to another dimension takes concentration and a bit of time, or you might just land youself in an even worse situation than what you’re trying to escape from.

Just finished reading through the comic. +1 reader for sure. :3

I’m curious to see if other religions will be lampshaded in this comic at any point — for the purposes of this universe, will non-Christian religions be treated inclusively, as if they’re all a part of a greater whole (that for some reason revolves around Christian myth?) or will they be treated in the more religulous sense of ‘there’s only one REAL religion, deal with it!’ I noticed that you’d borrowed Hindu symbols in Balthazar’s halo, so I’d guess the former… but I’d really like to see that question brought up at some point.

Also, there are so many furries mixed in. XD It’s a little jarring and I’d love some comic exposition as to how all of these different species came to be together — and why one religion seems to span multiple worlds. Are there converting angels who spread their religion to other planets/planes? Is it just ‘that way’?

Of all of the characters, I have to say that I adore the Cherubim the most. They may be demon fodder but I think they’re the most well designed because they all seem to fit a single mold and they make sense as a unit, whereas the very different designs of all of the angels hasn’t really been discussed, leaving that aspect hanging. I hope the Cherubim show up again. :D THEY SO RAD!

This universe lends from a whole bunch of religions, christianity (and any judaic off-shoot religions, really) is just the main focus.
You already noticed the swastikas, but there will be other references. Just keep an eye out for them :)

Why focus on christianity, then? I guess because it’s what we’re most familiar with, and because the very black and white heaven/hell dynamic is strongest there. It certainly isn’t to indicate that christianity is ‘the one true religion’.

Oh, and Maia already answered the rest of your question.

Furries? These are ALIENS!!!

What, you didn’t think Earth was the only planet where the people go to Heaven did you?

Heh, trollface.jpg?

Given that it appears that there aren’t any humans (at least, not so far as I’d noticed!) I was assuming more like… online character metaphors of anthro/alien/taur/etc. likenesses representing humans or something similar, rather than literal ‘there are many planets. for some reason christianity is a constant between them!’

Anyways, not to preclude enjoyment of this comic. I like it, I’m interested to see where it goes. :)

There actually have been a few human background figures during rebound 1 and a few members of the council in the very first pages of Rebound 2 are humans as well… It’s not because they are not there, they are just rare as they only come form earth, and thus drown in the many, many other creatures from the endless numbers of other worlds : )

In the B.I.B.L.E.-vers God created many worlds, earth was just the first.
Many of these worlds do not know about God, but the inhabitants go to heaven or hell just like humans do. You do not need to believe in God to get into heaven in the B.I.B.L.E.-vers.

If you want to know more you can always read the story named “The Creation” that can be found in the menu under “comic” and if you want to know even more you can read in our Wiki, also found in the menu.

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