Rebound page 136

January 30, 2012

End flashback.

Cue dramatic exit music:

Haha, that one will always be the Rex and Lana theme song :’)
Aah, but enough tragic relationship drama for now, it’ll be good to get back to the present.


Awesome ladybug general angel… (I think he’s called Clyde!).. I was sort of waiting for the a bug to appear, so happy Monday to me!

Damn… I just noticed that Clyde seems to be called Oooh… ah well, you can’t win them all (as Lana has just learned)

I didn’t know they had guns as well as swords as weapons,do they also have bows & arrows too? And any other more potent weapons? I hope they get him before the gate, would like to see him get his.

IIRC they use weapons appropriate to the state of development on the world they visit. So if they’re on a world where guns have been invented, they use guns. Otherwise they use swords or whatever. They don’t want to introduce technologies that haven’t yet been discovered by the locals.

Whereas in the outer circles of Hell or wherever this was, it probably doesn’t matter.

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