Rebound page 137

February 7, 2012

This page. This page took an ungodly number of hours to finish D: Which is why I’m late. By a whole THREE MINUTES as I write this. What a catastrophy, oh boy.
(I uploaded a high res version over on DeviantART so you can actually see all the tiny details.)

Back to the present, and ooh, what is this? It’s new character time! This guy’s name is Omar, obviously, and he is married to Opal, also sort of obviously.


The comic looks nice. It’s certainly a switch from the desert red rock.

“Metatron” :-)

It’d be cool if you published a sample issue. I want to see the gossip columns on Balthazar and Rex.

What a change of scene… from dying Lana to deadheading scrubbery ;)
Baltazar makes an appearance, as the official unwilling to give any information.
I guess journalists are unsatisfiable even in Heaven.

A world where-in I receive anything that I want, whenever I want it, sounds like my own personal hell of the worst order, right next to singing the praises of an omnipotent, all-powerful being for all eternity.

I have lived my life under the philosophy that it is not so much the goal that matters as the journey and effort that it took to get there: undermining this fundamental belief would drive me batsh*t in record time.

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