Rebound page 139

February 21, 2012

So laaate, sorry about that.

I made a Tumblr if anyone’s into that sorta thing:
There’s not much there right now, but I’ll probably upload comic related stuff.

(Oh, what do you know, Maia went ahead and made one too!)


I’m just curious. Do you intentionally color their wings based on the Renaissance artist Jan Van Eyck’s paintings, or is that just a coincidence? I really, really love the colorful wings instead of just white or gold! I just recently noticed the wings in a Van Eyck painting in art history class and thought it looked so familiar and now I realize where I had seen it :)

Not him spcifically, more renaissance paintings in general :) It’s very noticable how, back then, angels were almost never painted with white wings.

Balthazar and other general angels’ wings are based off Mikael whose colour scheme is based off old paintings of Saint Michael the arch angel. These two for example: Link and link

I’m sure he slammed his tail in the door, the first few times he tried that…

Maybe he slammed the door WITH his tail.

That or he’d have to turn around, his arms aren’t long enough to slam the door behind his back like a biped would…(mumbles calculations)…

This is Opal’s and Omar’s piece of Heaven when anything will pop out of thin air, if they want it. Maybe their doors can slam behind them, if they just think about it? :)

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