Rebound page 14

July 20, 2009

Ha ha, I love how you commenting people have just agreed on naming vampire kid Steve. Steve is in big trouble.
Lulu has never heard the saying that you shouldn’t throw stones when you live in a glass house.

We’ve gone fakemon (fanmade pokémon) crrraaazyyyyy, so vote for some of the pokémons I made up yesterday.


I think it’s interesting in the last two panels, how you seemed to focus on Lulu’s (seemingly) poor grip on the spear, and how she’s not holding it straight up against Steve’s throat.

Then again, why hasn’t she just run Steve through? Maybe she’s not that bright? (I hope so, ’cause I’m rooting for Steve!)

Quite the opposite really. She’s smart enough to hesitate to kill a stranger that willingly shows up in a church full of mortal elves.

I say! How wonderfully villainous, are these guys really on the good side? Bah, technicalities of their personality, they have wings! Of course they’re good! Although no halos. Odd that. What are these guys in heavens army, the meatshield or the psychopathic killers? It’s honestly kind of hard to see them in any other role.

And yay Steeeeeve! I have caused a slight change in this comic, and as of such, am a happy lil’ fan boy. Anyway fight the power Steve! No… don’t cower in the corner! Bad Steve, you’re fighting all wrong! D= I’m going to assume these vampire types aren’t the best at killing things then…

And to be perfectly fair on Lulu, I hadn’t heard of the phrase either. Oh well, I guess I’m around as evil as Lulu then. Umm, yay? =P

Welp, toodles!

Might as well give you a little cherubim info since it’s not gonna be used in the comic (man, I got to make a ‘World’ page or something sometime to throw our random info at.):

Cherubim usually act as Heaven’s guard against demons and other hell critters in open worlds that are relatively easy for said hell critters to access. They form their own little societies and rarely make contact with angels. They are not like angels at all since they have never been mortal and had a soul. They’re more like demons actually, with a limited lifespan, a need to feed, and the ability to bear children – Like a mortal, just placed on the same level of existence as the dead to begin with.

Sometimes the cherubim are pulled in to fight alongside warrior angels when Heaven is short of staff. In these cases they are mostly used as meat shields since they are not very intelligent, but incredibly tough.

It’s amazing how the eye color is a unit of telling sides. Yet I noticed that Lulu’s eyes are a bit on the amber side, but darker. Maybe just my computer’s low graphics though, but that would be ironic. Steve: But your eyes are amber too? Lulu: Same difference! Just a joke really, no offense intended.

That’s what I meant when I said she has never heard the saying that you shouldn’t throw stones when you live in a glass house ;) Pun away, the only way to surely tell the vampires apart from the elves is their yellow/amber eye colour.

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