Rebound page 140

February 27, 2012

Edit 3/3 2012:
Oh btw, there won’t be an update this next Monday. I have had a bunch of other stuff I needed to work on this week.

The Ping Prisen show was pretty nicely put together. We didn’t win anything, but thanks for nominating us anyway!

Maia and I are gonna be at the Ping Prisen award thingie tomorrow Tuesday where we are nominees. I’m counting on it to be fun :3 Wish us luck!


“Leave it to the Council to sort out their own mess.”

Yeah, lets leave them to their own devices. What’s the worst that could happen?

Good luck at the Ping Prisen! :)

Lykke til :D
Now on a different note (this one will be in english… i swear)
I think Bal has something with vacations… And boy does Opal look like she’s trying to convince someone ‘l (yes it’s the return of the Balthazar-smiley now grumpy)

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