Rebound page 142

March 20, 2012

Edit 27/3:
Comic’s gonna be late, peeps. Hopefully I can finish it tomorrow.

Urghh, I’m sorry for being so late and irregular with updates all the time at the moment. It just takes a really long time to finish these pages, and it’s kind of killing me. Plus I’m having some health issues with my neck again.
Maia helped me out a bit on this page by inking some of the backgrounds. Also, seriously, thanks everyone who has kept me company while streaming working on this, you are awesome people yo :D

On a different note we were granted quite a large amount of money as a scholarship from Danske Tegneserieskaberes Fond (a Danish comic association). I can’t really express how thankful both Maia and I are :’D
You know what this means, guys? It means we actually have some funds to print books!


Congratulations on your scholarship! Maybe you can get a better drawing desk to help your neck?

Also, if Balthazar’s going to Hell then Opal should at least pack him a sandwich for the trip. :-)

Congrats on your scholarship, and don’t be so hard on yourself about getting the comic out on time, your quality work deserves the time you take to do it, so take it easy, relax and take time to streach those muscles and I’m sure we readers will wait for the next update, no matter when it comes out.

Yet again Congratulations on the scholarship!
And also on making Balthazar have facial expressions(spelled right?)

Congratulations on the grant! The artist on my own comic has been through a rather unfortunate time lately so I can quite understand the whole ragged update thing. Best of luck going forward!

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