Rebound page 143

March 27, 2012

Bluurh, there we go, new page.

I think I’m going to convert to a schedule where we just update whenever for the time being, because I am really having trouble keeping up. (Blame it on bad planning)
if you want to keep up with updates you can always stalk our RSS feed, or me, on one of the places I usually announce updates: Tumblr, Twitter or DeviantART for example.


I was going to ask whether it would be worth skipping a week to build up a buffer, or at least get back into step. But at the end of the day, whatever works best for you.

Yeah, it’s the same thing, really. I could skip updates or I could update as planned, I just need the stress of a specific deadline off my back right now. The problem is there are some things I haven’t planned very well that I need in the next few pages, and it has all crept up on me since I haven’t had time to do that planning in advance.

I have really underestimated how much work goes into changing settings as often as the comic does at the moment. My bad, but thanks all of you for being so nice and understanding :)

This is a great story with great art. I’d much rather irregular updates than no updates at all…

Besides, isn’t that why they invented RSS in the first place?

Wonderful change of scenery… and now I of course wonder who the … Hell? … the Skull Cooperation are ;)

And I’d also rather have infrequent updates than none at all. Your comic is worth waiting for!

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