Rebound page 144

April 28, 2012

And you think you know people!

Uh, hello! When I said we were going to update sporadically for a while I really didn’t expect it to be a month until the next page :I Life kinda got in the way there.
Anyway, updates will continue to be sporadic – But hopefully not as sporadic as this time.

While we were gone I finally finished updating the pages from Rebound vol. 1 to the version we’re going to use for a printed book. It’s mostly a matter of small fixes – Colours, mistakes, bad dialogue, and things that looked awkward have been changed here and there. We upped all of the updated pages here on the website earlier this week, so you can look through the archive to see them.

Also, I drew that poster in the last panel as a seperate image. You can see it here.


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