Rebound page 147

June 5, 2012

Thanks for all the Ask the Cast questions, guys. Some of them have already been answered over at our Tumblr if you haven’t already seen them.

Life continues to bite me in the ass and updates continue to be slow, but my summer break is coming up soon and I plan to spend it drawing like a crazy person.



Just happen to notice not just how beautifully drawn all the characters are, but also how simply well detailed the background is with the slight cracks and marks on the walls, the ceiling lights and everything else in general. You’re a really terrific detailed artist and I like Mesa she’s a really pretty cat? Do love the comic and alwways look forward to it.

Hi, thanks so much for the nice words :3

Messa isn’t supposed to look like any animal in particular, she’s an “unicoon”, same as Duncan :)

Draw like a person who still appreciates life away from the tablet! I love your graphic more than my desire for consistent updates. Don’t let something you love burn yourself out! I look forward to every page you post.

Oh this isn’t really about the comic at all, please don’t think that. Yes I was gone for a while because I was feeling burnt out, but that was mostly due to “real life” stuff that had been wearing down on me for a long while.

As for right now I am just busy with finals and various other obligations. Nothing to worry about, I just have to put comic making on the backburner for the time being :)

Hopefully we’ll be back on a regular weekly schedule soon.

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