Rebound page 15

July 24, 2009

Our buddy Maria has made us a fan group on Facebook because she is made of awsome :D You can check it out here. This actually made me join Facebook after having avoided that pest of a website for years XD

Also, thanks a ton to both Maria and Edith for helping us out. I dedicate this page of angry cherubim to you sweethearts, aren’t you happy now? 8D

Maia has finally ordered a new computer and a new tablet pen so she won’t be suffering from issues in that department anymore.

Oh yeah, the incentive is provided by Maia today, so you should really vote because it’s a pretty hilarious comic strip she has for you! It has got puppets, enough said.


No! very bad Steve! Very bad! And if all else fails he should at the very least swallow the message. So when he gets his throat slit by that big ol’ meanie she’ll have something to remember him by. Mostly the very bloody message which she then needs to carry. But to a lesser the degree the corpse and blood stain which she will need to clean up. Man, life as a disposable meatshield blows don’t it?

And is it just me or did anyone else hear the line “we can use my new invention! A pointy rock tied to a stick!” when there’s the close up on Lulu’s (she was called that right? =P) spear. The line’s from Futurama by the by. Hooray abstract knowledge!

Aaanyhoo! Good job on aquiring that facebook group from that thar Maria person, how did you bribe her, or was it one of these charitable acts I’ve heard so much about? Well! Must be off, I’ll leave this rambling semi-comment, semi-monalogue to you people!

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