Rebound page 150

July 9, 2012

Oh, it’s that guy.


Angel general with flaming sword lurks in alleyway and accousts rising-star! What’s this world coming to? At least with his halo it can’t be a dark alleyway.

Was this before Lana was stabbed by Rex in the previous episode sometime back, or did she survive to come here to this part of the world? Or is this before she and Rex ran from the other angels trying to catch them? I’m a little confused. Do love the comic, as a mater of fact I wouldn’t call this wonderful story a comic, it just doesn’t do it justice. More like a web novel or just novel sounds better. The story and art is too good for a comic.

At the beginning of the flashback with Rex and Lana it says that it took place around 100 years earlier than the main storyline, so yes, Lana survived and has now ended up here.

Haha, thank you, but a comic is just what it is :) A story told in images and dialogue.

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