Rebound page 151

July 16, 2012

Those other times people came to ask Lana questions it was most likely with less than friendly intentions, so you can hardly blame her for being dismissive :I


Just an observation, but in panel four, Lana has a (red?) ring on her left hand, which isn’t there in the next panel.
I imagine she’d been interrogated multiple times since the incident with her and Rex. I’d probably feel the same.

I think her left hand is the one under the panel edge in the next panel; she is gesturing with her right hand, which doesn’t have a ring.

Random question, I glanced back to see if it was asked already, but I haven’t seen it. I’m just curious. ^^; But…

What’s the difference between fallen angels and someone like Rex? Like, why does he have no wings and Lana has black ones… cos she doesn’t have her halo either…

Sorry to be a bother, it’s just been in my brain a while. ^^;

The difference is that Rex completely abandoned the way of Heaven; threw away his halo, and have become a Devil. By doing that he also lost his wings.

Lana is still connected with the Heavens, and they still know where she is and what she is doing. However, her crimes against Heaven have been so grave that she is no longer allowed back inside, as she is a liability.
Fallen angels like Lana have black wings. About the halo I can’t answer right now, but it will be touched upon in the comic later on :)

Also, never be afraid to ask us about thing! :D

I still say the ring is her halo in disguise! It’s black with a shining red aura.
As to why it’s disguised as a ring, I’m pretty curious about that and looking forward to seeing the development as always!

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