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July 30, 2012

Edit 9/8 2012:
As promised I got those book preorders set up. For now you can order one here, or read more on Tumblr!

(Also new page is late, sorry I’m too busy, but it’s gonna be up later this week)

Edit 2/8 2012:
Sorry, but I can already say I won’t have a new Rebound page next Monday (6/8).
I’ve taken this week off to finish our Rebound vol. 1 book. It’s not missing much, so it should be possible.

With a little luck the book will be available for pre-orders next week.
Apart from the Vol. 1 pages as seen on the website, the book will have 7 pages of bonus stuff and a new cover. Pre-orders will be signed by both Maia and I and have a doodle drawn by me of whatever Rebound character you wish.

More news when I get the pre-orders set up, so keep an eye out for that :)

Going to the stooore~


It does seem like an unlikely scenario…but Rex must have had reasonable assumptions to lead to the boy’s death at the hands of an angel (such as a mercy killing?)

Or more likely, he just wanted a cover story to get the kid’s mutated Sin into heaven through his death.

That somehow sounds very logical. Maybe even too logical, since we’re talking about Rex. But it’s possible.

So what does wing color have to do with the angels? she has black wings when she once had white wings, and balthazar has multicolored wings.

also, unrelated, does balthazar have 4 ears?

All lower rank angels have white wings, Generals (like Balthazar) and other high ranking angels have coloured wings, Seraphs (like Lana and Rex used to be) have four white wings, the council members have some really fancy coloured wings and lastly, fallen angels have black wings.

The wings come with the halo, so if you get a new halo your wings will change to match it.

And yes, Balthazar has four ears 8D

Actually, I think it’s entirely likely. If that greeny hadn’t figured out that damaging the pillars was damaging the ritual itself, then you would have definitely tried to kill the sacrifice in an attempt to deny Wrath. A perfectly constructed Batman Gambit, which you only avoided through sheer, dumb luck and the fact that amateurs will try things seasoned soldiers never would.

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