Rebound page 154

August 17, 2012

Erh, looks like I’m right back to a completely sporadic update schedule.
Between the internship I started recently, taking care of various B.I.B.L.E. stuff and actually trying to draw comic pages, my workload practically amounts to two full time jobs and there just aren’t any more hours in the day.

But no matter, because all the hard work results in awesome things like the fact that we now have the Rebound Vol. 1 book available for preorder!


The book will be available for preorder until the 8th of September.

It’ll be possible to buy the book again once it’s printed, but preordering will get you a couple of sweet bonuses – All preorders will be signed by both me and Maia and have a unique sketch of one of the characters from the book on the title page.
You’re welcome to request which character I should draw in the order notes when you purchase your copy

Apart from the first 117 pages of Rebound as seen on the website, the book contains 7 pages of exclusive artwork and bonus info about the world of B.I.B.L.E.
Among other things the extras contain a spread focusing on the elves and “vampires” of Kimera, and one with the seven deadly sins.

The books are softcover and cost 20$ a piece (+ shipping).

The plan is to get the books from the printer around the end of September.
I’m currently waiting to get a proof copy from the printer. I’ll show you pictures when I get it and of course keep you updated here :)


Kinda strange a angel hiding from the authorities guess “fear not im an angel” work so well for so long they never figured out stealth

You know i told you that his wings would give him away even more than his halo. He just agreed with me .D

Actually he doesn’t agree with you on this page.
He hasn’t stated anywhere that the wings are more of a giveaway than the halo.
He is only agreeing that the wing’s isn’t completely stealthy either 8D
If I really have to nitpick at it, he doesn’t talk about the wings at all, but more of heavens way of doing things in general.

Boy I have to say you draw really fine and lovely detailed backgrounds, that store background must of taken you sometime to draw, with all the different items and shelves. I sure wouldn’t have the patient for it, glad someone like you does to make a really terrific comic and story come alive.

I really enjoyed reading your comic from beginning to here! (thank your FA advertisement) and now I find myself wishing you posted more then once a week :( to think… there’s 154 pages and it’s been a good 3 years sense your first page. It’s going to be difficult waiting for more pages now X3

I was thinking about buying a copy of Rebound, but shipping costs seem a bit high. Why does shipping to Germany cost $16? I ordered other books from the U.S or Canada and had lower shipping costs. If I lived a bit closer to the border, I would come over and pick up a copy myself. ;)

I’m sorry, but we can’t change what the post office charges to ship packages out of Denmark. We’re not a big company, so we can’t get any cheap shipping deals :/
Plus it isn’t made better by the fact that it’s books we’re sending, and they’re somewhat heavy.

Haha, but should you feel like crossing the border to pick up a copy, you can always come to Horsens (mid-Jutland) on the 6. – 7. October. We’ll be selling the books at a comic con called Art Bubble then :)

I’m aware that you are doing this in your spare time and that you probably don’t have much choice on how to ship your books. I wont blame you for that. I was simply surprised by the unexpectedly high shipping rates, since I assumed that it must be easier to ship a boot over 800km than over more than ten times that distance. In addition, those other books I bought from the U.S were also made by hobbyists like you. In fact, I saw the highest prices for shipment with a big print-on-demand company which demanded 15 bucks for shipping a 3$ book (no, I did not buy that one, in case you wonder).

The one thing I can imagine is that the price includes tracking of the shipment’s status. Although I didn’t have any trouble with regular shipping (without tracking) I can understand if one prefers the additional service, because it can save you a lot of trouble in case a shipment gets lost.

Well I haven’t entirely dropped the thought of coming over an picking up a copy myself, but considering the distance of about 800km just to get there, being on the road for at least nine hours and the high fuel price, paying 16$ for shipping suddenly appears to be just a minor inconvenience. ;)

But the most important thing I forgot to mention in the first place: thank you for sharing your work with us!

I know, I think it’s completely unreasonable too, but we have to ship the books out ourselves (they’re not print-on-demand), so there’s just nothing to do about it.
The prices you see are even for economy letters :/

I don’t know what those other people you talk about have done to reduce their shipping costs. I suppose shipping is a lot cheaper in the US first of all. Maybe they included some of the shipping costs in the price of the product so it wouldn’t seem like so much, I don’t know.

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