Rebound page 155

September 5, 2012

Pff, if Balthzar didn’t insist on dressing so fancy for any situation no one would look at him twice, angel or not :P


I have a lot of news again since it’s been so long since the last update u__u

Remember that there’s less than a week left if you want to preorder the Rebound Vol 1. book and get your copy signed and sketched in. We’ll close preorders at midnight on the 8th of September.

Preorders are now closed. Thank you everyone who preordered – We’ll write you when your book is shipped.
The books will be available again for normal orders sometime in October.

I’ll get the books sometime next week and then the plan is to start shipping them out around the beginning of October.
I already got a proof copy from the printer and it looks great! I uploaded some pictures on our Tumblr if you want to see what it looks like:
(It’s a photoset, so you can click the little arrows in the sides for more pictures)

I’ve been really busy preparing stuff for a Danish comic con we’re going to called Art Bubble. Maia and I will have a table there and will be selling books as well as some other cool stuff.
I’ll say more about it later – but, if you have the chance to go to Horsens on the 6. -7. October you should really consider stopping by the con (and come say hi to us :) )

We made a Facebook page for B.I.B.L.E. if you like to keep updated over there:
I suppose it’ll just be a mirror of our Tumblr with update notices and news.


I still don’t understand how angels can operate incognito on mortal worlds, as the last few pages have demonstrated, halos and wings are dead giveaways.
The mortals may not know what it means, but it’s bound to attract attention.
And to add to that, it seems likely to me that someone of a species not native to the world would stick out like a sore thumb, angel or not.
It is probably less of an issue on a multi-species world but it still makes me wonder what kind of story Lana has told the inhabitants of D052 PH882.

Anyway, thanks for an awesome comic.

Aah yes, the Wings aren’t big a problem really, as some mortal races (Like Messa and Lanas) have wings naturally. As Balthazar has demonstrated so nicely, halos aren’t all that big of a problem either, as you can hide them :)

As for the locals of Planet D052 PH882 more commonly know as “Netoka.”
They are used to see all kinds of races coming through. It’s not as apparent now, but the Skull industry is a multidimensional company, and make a great deal of money by letting people from one planet move to another. This means that a lot of races the locals don’t know about have been moving in these days.

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