Rebound page 156

October 1, 2012

Gosh, our update speed amounts to that of a dying snails these days, sorry about that. At least most of my extra B.I.B.L.E. related work is done by now.

As mentioned previously we have a table at Art Bubble this upcoming weekend (6th-7th October). I’m not sure if the tables will be visibly numbered, but we have table 18. Anyway, we’ll be the ladies sitting in a small oasis of orange stuff; you can hardly miss us if you want to come and find us :P
Other than our newly printed Rebound Vol. 1 books we’ll have prints, charms, buttons and a few of the Rebound bags for sale. (We’ll put all this stuff for sale online after the con too)
If you can come to Horsens over the weekend you should really stop by. Apart from our obviously very fabulous presence there’ll be a bunch of other comic related stuff going on, I’m sure it’s gonna be fun!

We’ll start sending your preordered books out after the con too.

If you didn’t preorder a book they are currently for sale in Fantask in Copenhagen. We’ll put them up online again later as well, I just need to get some preorders out the door first.


hmm… So you’re starting to send the preorders after the con. That’d be the 8th. Danish mail system should have it by my door one or two days after that. that’d be the 10th to be on the sure side. plus the unexpected that’s the 11th. Which means that there’s 9 days till I get my Rebound vol. 1!

Don’t count on it to be so soon :/ I haven’t sketched in any books yet – I have been sick and it took over a week out of my schedule, so I’m behind on everything. I’ll definitely get them out during October, though. It’s first priority right now.

YAY for both another update and for a LOVELY book. It was in my mail box when I got home from autumn vacation and I’ve already read it over and over and over again!
Thank you for a fantastic comic… oh, and Duncan is looking lovely and quite blushing ;) (fangirl moment!)

Haha, shh don’t tell anyone but I took the opportunity to draw Duncans for a bunch of the people who didn’t want sketches of anyone in particular. (quiet fangirl moments)

Weird thing is, my Religions of the World teacher is now addicted to this comic xD so whenever I go to class he’s like DID THEY UPDATE YET? I DON’T HAVE INTERNET AT HOME ANYMORE and we sit there and talk about the various kinds of angels you guys come up with x3 I even drew our class a while back for that contest with all of us going through a lecture…he’s got the drawn sketch of him as an elephant seraph on his board xDD college is so fun

Haha, that is awesome.
Tell your teacher hello from me :)
Things should hopefully get back on track sometime soon.. Hnngh the sketches for the next few pages are looking SO great!

Oh gosh that is probably some of the best feedback we’ve ever gotten, thank you so much :’) Other religion nerds thinking our comic is fun, I can’t ask for more haha.
Give yourself and your teacher a hug because you’re great.

Oh and updates! Yes, they’re so slow, I know.
Maybe I should.. make a post about what’s going on, but it’s not like it makes the process go any faster and it just seems a bit pointless by now.

I was hoping to get a page done for next week (not this upcoming week, but the next week) :I Let’s see how that goes.

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