Rebound page 157

November 9, 2012

This is the hardest page I have ever had to draw and there isn’t even anything tricky about it :I

I wrote a post about the lack of updates over here in case you’re wondering: Link

I forgot if there was anything else I wanted to say. Oh yeah, we got a bunch of new things up in our store a while ago.


Yay! I’m going to have to see if my Religions Professor noticed you updated :3 he will be pleeeeeeeased lol and probably bring up angel lore even though we’re on Hindu atm >>

I did read your tumblr post, and I will still say the same that I would have said if I had skipped reading: your imagination and drawing hand are amazing and make people happy. Go on when you can. :-)



No. Feel. Bad. Yes?

I really need to find a better way to get my point across instead of resorting to CAP-RAEG. But my point stands. Even if it looks derptarded.

It kinda looks like a ghost town in here…

Yes, yes it does, and we are very sorry about that.
Sadly there is some things in this world you can’t simply wave your hand at, and then it’s gone. Depression is very much one of those things.
Gitte isn’t doing too well still, and it will probably be a while longer, but rest assured we haven’t abandoned the project : )

If you want to keep taps and get some fun out of us, I recommend following our Tumblr –
or Gitte’s – DA

Chocolate. Always work. I’ts like emotional ducttape*. Capable of fixing everything (given time). Also friends, family, and icecream.

*(spell check on the tape please)

Depressed? I hope it’s just the season that caused it and spring will cure it.

Oh well, this comic is worth waiting for, in any case.

Hope Gitte is getting better, depression is an awful thing. I send internet hugs and lots of love from not so sunny Scotland. >:D< Hope to see you guys around a bit more soon. xx

I have completed the archives and I must say this is a beautifully done web comic. I’m sorry to read that your partner is having problems with depression. I suffer from the same malady and keep it in check with medication and counseling. I hope things improve soon and you will once again continue this comic. Best of everything from the USA.

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