Rebound page 158

April 23, 2013

Aaaaaahhh we’re back! Do you even know how much we’ve missed you guys and chucking out comic pages for you?? A LOT THAT’S HOW MUCH!

I’m sorry it had to turn into half a year of hiatus, but my health situation has only started to get better very recently. If you follow me elsewhere you probably already know what has been up, but for the rest of you I wrote a post about it here a while ago.

Thank you so much to everyone who has wished me well and asked me how I’ve been doing while we were gone. Seriously, everyone has been so nice and encouraging, I don’t even know what to say ;__;
I mean, half a year later and we still get messages here and there asking how things are going. You people are so nice and you should pat yourselves on the back because I can’t reach through the screen and do it for you <3 Now, I can’t promise we’ll get back to anything even resembling a regular update schedule anytime soon, but at least things are moving in the right direction. I don’t think B.I.B.L.E. will ever have regular once-a-week updates again either. I have to get better at taking care of myself and just taking things as they come, so that’s that.


Glad to see you back, and take care of yourself 1st, after all we’d miss you a lot more if you never came back to continue B.i.b.l.e. I know I would

Your backgrounds are really great, you really put in a lot of details that makes the story just stand out, I can see why your hand would tire out so much. Just love your detailed work and everything else about B.I.B.L.E.

Alright, day starts normal, do my normal things, go outside, RAIN, pretty wet, get in my car, drive to work, feeling a bit done because of extreme boredom. So I go onto the interwebz, have a look-see at my favorite webcomi. And low what have my eyes seen? It couldn’t be.
A jest surely.

But no…it is not.

It is a good day.

I’m glad to hear that you’re on your way to getting better. I’m excited to see the story continue and best of luck to the both of you in the future.

glad to see an update
in a way i can’t help but see a little change in the style

i hope to see more soon
i admit i had started to give up on this web comic

Wow, you’re back! Glad to hear you’re doing better too.

So, what’s that poster say in the background? I see “…want YOU…rt alien…ders”. I guess it says “I want YOU to support alien…” something. But what’s that last word? Traders? Leaders?

I don’t know whi I didn’t read this comic the first time I happened on it. It’s really neat. The people are really expressive.

Well, actually the reason was because I thought Rex was a little too uh ridiculous and aloof. *shrug* Silly reason not to read a comic.

Hell yeah! I’s good to see you back! :D

B.I.B.L.E. was always an inspiration for me to create my own webcomic, and now we are creating some basic concept arts for it ;D. It’s still a long way to go, and my neurosis is slowing down the progress (are mental problems a occupational disease, I don’t even know…) but I belive we can do it, as much as I belive you can learn how to control your illness as well! :D

Aah, that’s great to hear :D You’re welcome to poke me about it once you get that comic going, I’d like to check it out.

Haha, I’m afraid mental issues are uncannily common in all creative businesses, but what can you do. You learn to manage the best you can.

Glad to see your feeling better, and please, feel free to work at whatever speed your comfortable with. I’d rather you miss an update or two than get burnt out alltogether.

you know its amazing how many great artists have the same issues…

and dude as you can see lots of ppl enjoy yours. but take care of yourself.
we’ll still be around. but pop by every so often and say something like “hi guys you should see the next page its going to be awesome. it’ll be up in 3 weeks or so”

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