Rebound page 159

June 18, 2013

Heyy, a new page. Once again a long time in the making.

Since last time a lot of stuff happened:
– We moved to a new web host which means the website isn’t super slow to respond anymore, whoo!

– We moved the B.I.B.L.E. wiki to our own domain. You can now find it at:
You’re still just as welcome to make a user and help edit the wiki as before :)

– We went to the Copenhagen Comics con and sold a stack of Rebound prints and talked to a whole lot of people – Even some readers. It was really nice saying hello to you and seeing you out in reality!
Oh, and hello to any new readers we may have lured in at the con too~

Here’s hoping my production time will speed up further so it won’t be so long ‘till the next page.


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