Rebound page 16

July 27, 2009

Looks like Steve is saved…

Man, being woken up by someone drilling giant holes in the wall above you is not a good way to be woken up. Anyway, a good Monday to you.

Vote for some Lulu doodles.


Huzzah’s are in order! Fopishly haired Balthazar has arrived! I do quite like this kind, he has an increadibly honest way of saying things, none of this pansy beating around the bush stuff you have to put up with when the elves are monaloging (no idea if i spelt that right =P) . And unlike Lulu, he likes Steve! Which is awesome!

In unrelated character observations, Opal has a buzz cut and gigantic eyes, which wouldn’t look amiss on a lemur, which is one of the strangest combinations I have ever seen. Also, would s/he be able to fly with those stubby little wings? or would something bigger have to carry him/her?

And a worse way to wake up is having some construction workers from next door bulldoze half of your garden fence because the got their orders mixed up on which fence to destroy for their construction. Guess they must have been vaguely disconcerted in nothing but a dressing gown and stripey PJ’s ran out and started shouting at them, I must’ve looked like Arthur Dent…. =P

Well must be off, shouldn’t start talking about pyjama related adventures in someone elses comment thread, it looks like I’m trying to upstage you. =P

If we had to be realistic about wing size here alle the angels would have ginormous wings taking up all of my precious panel space :P So we just say they fly with the magic of God, because that’s what they do. Opal’s wings are not that small though, it’s just the angles on this page that make it look that way.

Oh man, the fence thing sucks D: I agree, not the nicests of ways to be woken up either.

@Dr. Nerfball – We don’t know yet what Balthazar thinks about Steve.

I like the suspense that you put in the last panel. We don’t know if Lulu was startled by Balthazar and just cut Steve’s throat … :*(


You know, I was just thinking, it would be interesting if Steve occasionally got bit parts here and there in the future, if he survives.

Anyway, what happens to Steve if he does die?
–Is he mortal, which means Heaven or Hell?
–Or does he count as a demon (as the cherubim seem to think)? What happens when a demon dies, if they can die? (I’m not asking for spoilers; you’re not obliged to answer anything.)

I’ll answer the part that won’t be spoiling (like we always do, haha) ;)

The vampires are mortals, yes. That they’re half-mortals overrules the fact that they’re half-demons and allows them to have souls (as Steve said himself in the previous page). A soul means that you get the chance to get into Heaven and live eternally.

When demons die they die. End of story. This goes for everything that does not have a soul: Demons, the cherubim here, animals in the mortal worlds and so on.

Yeah, as Gitte says, no soul no afterlife. But as a bonus you are very hard to kill if you’re a demon, even the cherubim here can take a few hits. Though personally, I would prefer to have a soul over the though hides.

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