Rebound page 160

July 25, 2013

Despite everything you do not talk shit about Rex in front of Lana, you just don’t.

I’m really sorry it takes me so long to draw new pages. I’m doing my best to get back into some kind of mentality that can pull me through the last miles in this ridiculous brain problem marathon, but it’s so freaking hard.
I just want to finish this scene already – All I can see in it is the terrible time I’ve had making it and I feel like it shows in the art, but I don’t know, I’m a bit too biased to judge.


New Update WooHoo!!! been waiting forever. what truth will come out in the next few comics?? Btw hope you feel better with the brain marathon problem.

Great page! I love the way you captures the sunlight and the complex expressions on Lana’s face!
I hope that you begin to feel better about making this story. It’s brilliant and always worth the wait :)

Don’t sweat the art or the update schedule Gitte. One page a month is just fine considering you’re circumstances. Focus on getting better. We’ll keep coming back. That’s what fans do.

I love your art. Your comics are very beautiful and I love all the care you put into the details. I have been following it for atleast a year and I keep coming back.

Take all the time you need.

Thank you for sharing your creativity and stories. They brighten my world.
I know that sounds like malarky but I really like comics. They bring levity to a mad world. So really, thanks.


To echo a bunch of other commenters, don’t feel bad about the art; it is still as wonderful as ever, and much better than the average of the internet.
Actually, since you have improved since the first pages of this awesome tale, the art is objectively better than it ever was.

Keep at it, we’re right behind you. Take however long you need, and get better above all else.

Hey so I starting reading this comic series yesterday, and I’m hooked. Am I the first Canadian reader you know of btw? and I may have introduced all my friends to this :). One question, what’s the deal with the halos(sorry if it’s on the wiki, I’m on my way there next), what does each colour and the symbols mean?

Hey, good to have you here :) Sorry you’re coming in right in our prolonged hiatus period – let’s hope that’ll be over soon, bluh.

I know we have/have had at least a couple other Canadian readers, so you’re not alone!

If you haven’t already dug the info out of the wiki, the halos display what type of angel you are and what rank you hold. There are a few different halo classes, for example red for warrior angels and green for healer angels. Higher rank halos typically glow or have symbols etched into them (like the little swastikas on Balthazar’s halo).

Why not do some fan art posts? Just an idea to give you a break and shows the support for this beautifully drawn and colored comic.

Hi James. I’d honestly prefer the site stays quiet until a new page comes up. For the longest time even managing this site has filled me with dread, so having to figure out some filler content wouldn’t be a break.
Besides, anyone new here or anyone wanting to browse through the pages again should be met with the comic, not some other, more or less random, content.

I absolutely adore your art style (it’s so sophisticated and gorgeous!) and hope there will be more comic! God bless you and help you through what you are dealing with, though. Your post a year ago about depression helped me talk my sister through the stigma of seeking help, and was part of what inspired me to seek it myself when the time came. Thank you.

Oh, I don’t know what to say. I’m really glad what I wrote could be of some tiny bit of help to you and your sister. It really does help to be open about these things.

I am doing much better now myself, but everything continues to be difficult for me and I’ve felt very stressed due to other things going on in my life. That’s why it has been so long since this comic last updated.
I assure you there’s going to be more comic, but it’s a slow process and I can’t say when there’ll be any progress for you guys to see.

Thank You for your nice words <3

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