Rebound page 161

March 6, 2014

*quietly leaves an offering in the form of a new page*

Why have we been gone so long? Well, my brain kept screwing me over and it still does and it still will. It’s late and I don’t care to elaborate any further right now. Who cares anyway.

Some day I have to go back through this scene and add a bunch of grime and trash. I never intended for the city to look so neat, really it should be the opposite. I don’t even know why it came to be that way. I guess it was a case of me being really stressed out and cutting corners in weird places and then I just sort of had to run with it.
It’s a big retcon, but it’s something that bothers me a lot and it’s another reason I feel so bad about this scene in general :I


Balthazar’s frozen snack must be melted by now.

He’s been standing there holding it for half a year! There can’t be anything frozen about it anymore.

he never unpacked it, so he can just refreeze it if he wants to. Perhaps he has some ‘angel magix’ for that. Or he might just drink the molten ice from the bag. Or just swallow it the whole, crocs have quite the digestive system, they can even digest massive iron hooks, so why not some aluminium packaging anyways…

Good job! I still think Lana has some more useful information for Balthazar ;D. Waiting for another one!

Glad to see you back again, and don’t worry about the background scene, a lot of cities aren’t trashy. On the 4th panel real nice close up of Lana by the way, I think you meant to say in the lower right word balloon: I had hoped not to see him dead or lose him, but I “wasn’t” so fortunate. Not “weren’t” so fortunate. By the way, Lana really is one sexy looking lady, kind of sexy as she sucks on her frozen popsicle. hope you get better soon.

Nope, but this city really should be. The people in charge don’t care much about this place and the citizens aren’t particularly complacent.

About the wasn’t/weren’t thing – Aren’t both equally correct, though? I often hear it used like that at least, and from what I can gather it isn’t wrong, just uncommon and somewhat old fashioned. But Lana speaks in a pretty old fashioned and formal way, so there’s that.

I’ve bookmarked your web comic in my favorites and always check to see if you’ve updated it. What a surprise. You’re a great storyteller and artist. I wish I could send more encouragement through a comment. Keep on doing what you’re doing.

Thanks, I’m so happy people still bother checking in on this old thing, even when we’ve been gone so long. You people are great :)

As one of my friends put it, comics with great art and compelling stories are hard to find. You’ve got both here, so we’ll keep coming back:)!!

It’s nice to see this comic is still alive after all this time. :)

I don’t think you should worry too much about there being no trash. There are many examples of evil cities, which look pretty on outside, but are not-so-nice and corrupt on inside. The contrast between those two sides can emphasize inner ugliness of this place.

This was a very pleasant surprise to open up my webcomic bookmarks to.
Glad to see that you’re still kicking life in the shins :p
And about the ice that Balthazar still hasn’t eaten. Most places on our globe is freezing so it might’ve re-frozen.

Great to see your update! Thank you so much! And I don’t mind if the intervals between pages are long, good things are worth waiting for.

I spy with my little eyes, something by those bushes in the last panel. Tip of ears… maybe a horn perhaps. Prepare yourself for possible prolong suspense as we await the next update ever so patiently.

Eh, don’t sweat it. It’s really a pleasure to see updates to this comic, no matter how much time they take. You had the decency to explain why, and it would be low of anyone to resent you for going through troubled times.
So keep at it, at whatever pace you can manage. It’s fine.

Shames me to see that it has taken me so long to see that you’ve updated….I usually make a point to check at LEAST once a week if only to see an author comment. I love the style and most of your characters, it would be a said thing if you never finished…but then again some things just aren’t meant to be, and if it gets to be too much hassle then no one could fault you for taking a break or calling it off when your well being comes first.

I love your comic and I’m very happy to see it’s been updated. Thank you for posting a new page. :)
Do what you have to do to take care of yourself that’s the most important thing.

I think you mean “wasn’t” instead of “weren’t” in the fourth panel, fourth speech bubble. Also, I can’t believe I reached the most recent! Waa! What will I do now?? D:

As I replied to someone above, I believe “wasn’t” and “weren’t” are both possible in that sentence. But do by all means prove me wrong if that isn’t right – it’s just that I often hear this form.

As for what to do now, I’m afraid you’ll just have to wait D: We’re managing a very slow update schedule at the moment.

I think if she was saying multiple people weren’t so fortunate, it would be weren’t – when I’m in doubt, I break up the contractions. See, “I were not so fortunate” sounds a bit funkier than “I was not so fortunate.” And I’ve actually never heard it said as “I weren’t” unless it was “we weren’t”! But you know, if you think it’s right then no problem! I’m pretty sure the barest minimum of people will notice. :)

I hope you get better soon. I’m good at waiting for comic updates (six of the comics I’m following either take months to update or go on frequent hiatuses) so I can definitely wait as long as it takes. And if you decide to discontinue the comic, that’s fine too. You guys have lives outside a comic world and I won’t pretend you’re comic-making machines. ;)

Do you use a graphics tablet at all?
Can’t wait for the next page!

Hooray! Hope you’re feeling much better now, I’m sorta taking the return of this series to mean that. Super glad you guys are back to work and hello again from Canada! :D

I am feeling much, much better – as well as I will probably get to feel. It’s so great to be able to draw again, you have no idea. And I’m super glad to see you and a bunch of other people still checking up on us :)

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